Where to Get Cocktails for Delivery in NYC Right Now

The lockdown following rising tensions around COVID-19 has left everyone feeling helpless and home-bound. In these trying circumstances, we all need to get by with a little help from our friends.

As much as we agree with The Beatles and need a drink – our most beloved friend – to get through these troubling times, small bars and restaurants also need a way to stay in business.

That’s why the state has been generous enough to allow some of our favorite bars and restaurants in New York City to either sell cocktails for delivery or to go (and we can’t thank them enough!).

Let’s take a look at a few of the best bars and restaurants that are offering these cocktail delivery services in the city right now.


1.      Dante

Yes, the “world’s best bar” of 2019 is offering their yummy cocktails for delivery during this time!

Sure, you’re required to order some food and can’t just order the drinks on their own. But who minds having some delicious food that you don’t have to cook yourself right now, alongside some of your favorite cocktails!? Sounds quite perfect, really.

Choose from their Garibaldi, Margarita Royale, Chocolate Negroni, Olivette Martini, or literally any other cocktail or drink you could possibly be in the mood for and have it served right at your doorstep!


2.      Air’s Champagne Parlor

While Tokyo Record Bar’s Air’s Champagne Parlor is currently closed, the Record Bar is mixing things up by allowing the sale of liquor bottles along with their takeout food these days.

Choose from a list of wines, champagnes, or a sake bottle, and enjoy your night with “a box full of bites…and a sweet treat.”

While they’re only serving takeout right now, Tokyo Record Bar is trying to set up cocktail delivery services in the coming days.


3.      Bronx Draft House

This bar next to Yankee Stadium is usually a buzzing and vibrant place to be with its stylish and modern interior.

They’re not taking all of the excitement away just yet – their cocktails for delivery right now include over ten types of cocktails, and they’re also delivering around twenty different beers.

In the mood for some sangria during this lockdown, perhaps? Just order some online!


4.      Cocktail Courier

This is one of our absolute favorites! Okay, this entire list is our favorites, but Cocktail Courier offers cocktails for delivery in NYC – in style.

They’ll deliver entire kits of ingredients from recipes of world-class chefs to allow you to make these delicious cocktails right at home!

So, if you’re in the mood to have some yummy cocktails but also in the mood to try your hand at making them yourself, you must try this out!


5.      Analogue

Usually one of the quieter places, ideal for a romantic night out, Analogue is currently offering cocktail delivery services in NYC.

Choose from a list of rather interesting names for cocktails, and enjoy them in the comfort of your home.

The ‘Analogue’ offers an intense mix of rum and bourbon, while their Jury Figged combines rum with chocolate bitters and vanilla syrup for a mouthwatering treat.

There’s also a little something called Dogs Playing Poker. Or, you could simply order a Negroni or a Hemingway Daiquiri to make your time at home a little more interesting.


6.      Minibar

Well, this isn’t exactly a famous bar and restaurant, but rather a convenient service that delivers beers, different liquors, and wines to your doorstep within the hour, and the lockdown isn’t stopping them now!

Minibar gets their supplies locally and even offers some event planning services (which you’ll have to wait for until after this episode of Black Mirror is over).

What’s better is that you get $5 off on your first order online so we think it’s definitely worth a shot (pun intended).

The world is indeed a scary place right now. We can try and use some light-hearted humor to keep things from becoming too intense for us every once in a while. Humor and some variety of cocktails for delivery, of course.

While it’s important not to ignore what’s going on in the world around you right now, it’s also important to look after yourselves and maybe, a little help from your friends is actually all you need!




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