Best Coffee Shops In New York

You shouldn’t limit your idea of “coffee cities” to just Seattle for Starbucks or “Seattle’s Best”, there are many cities who have grown their coffee addicts by the amazing products they are making and serving. New York City is also known for having worldwide coffee brands that are making the best cup of brew you’ll taste within the five boroughs.


1.  Everyman Espresso

Much like the name indicates the mission for Everyman Espresso is to make and share “damn fine” espresso! The hospitality when you walk into any of their three locations will astound you. They believe that if you have “damn fine” coffee then you will be in a better mood and thus be a happier person all around much of that joy is shared with their customers when you walk in the door.


2. Birch Coffee

Birch’s philosophy is “we care for people first and coffee is a very close second”. Everything about this coffee shop is going to be the epitome of that phrase “If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life”. This brainchild of two friends has turned into one of the more popular coffee shops in the city. They even have their YouTube show that you can check out where they interview their regular customers where they talk about their ideas, dreams, thoughts, etc. This isn’t just a coffee shop you are walking into but a family.


3. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Coffee is about pleasure, enjoying the simple things, taking a moment throughout your day to sip on a delicious cup of joe. Stumptown Coffee Roasters believes in these little passionate moments in life. Every sip you take is a culmination of hard work, thousands of miles in a single journey to make it from the field into your cup. It is this kind of dedication to every decision in the process that Stumptown Coffee Roaster makes which is why they have one of the best coffee shops.


4. Bluestone Lane Coffee

Bluestone Lane is an Australian inspired coffee shop and café that is set to be committed to providing a safe, fun and coffee filled place for the locals to escape. What is unique about this coffee shop is their mission to change the perception of coffee, not just to drink more coffee but to have every coffee drinker become a connoisseur of coffee. You will enjoy every drop brewed into your cup because Bluestone Lane believes in quality not just in the coffee but also in your customer service and experience.


5. Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee

Jack’s Stir Brew was founded on the deep love of coffee, family, and community. Serving high quality, organic coffee and vegan baked goods to his customers. Jack’s Stir Brew was the first coffee house in New York to exclusively serve organic coffee and has stated within their business mission to help pioneer from crop-to-cup by working with the farmers and purveyors that Jack’s sources their coffee from. Every week more than 50,000 customers walk through the front doors of Jack’s nine different locations throughout New York per week.


6. Southside Coffee

Southside Coffee is a one-stop for everything your heart desires! Not only is their top-notch coffee but they have a full menu that serves food made by Chef Daniel. Daniel was born and raised in Los Angeles where he got his start in a kitchen. All great things had to start somewhere and this is where Southside Coffee got its start and is now thriving on the streets of Brooklyn serving the heart of New York.


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