Virtual New York City

Stay home, and save lives!

While the whole world is practicing social distancing, an increased number of people are indulging in the different forms of art available to them.

Whether it’s watching the top shows and movies on Netflix or revisiting older classics, utilizing this time to try your hand at painting, or even just cuddling up with your favorite books – everyone is turning to artists and art in a way they prefer.

There are also plenty of ways to experience New York virtually through your smartphone or laptop screens, so museum lovers need not be disappointed. Whether you’re looking for museums online to live through the vibrancy of New York with your partner or with your kids, you’ll sure to find something you’ll love.

We’ll share a few of our top picks for you to enjoy virtual New York City with your family and continue to live New York the way it’s meant to be lived.

1.      The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The famous Metropolitan Museum of Art provides an opportunity for individuals all over the world to experience the museum like never before.

The Met 360° Project is an award-winning sequence of 6 short videos to immerse viewers into the art and architecture available at the museum. It is arguably better than physically visiting the museum since it allows viewers to access art and architectural spaces from angles not possible for visitors to enjoy.

Online at the Met 360°, viewers can watch an entire day at the museum in time-lapse, or they can experience what the museum is like when it’s closed off after visiting hours are over, or they can even get a bird’s eye view of the Met!

So the next time you’re in the mood to visit a museum, grab your phone or laptop and move around in all directions to virtually explore the various spaces that the Metropolitan Museum of Art has to offer.

Make sure you have a good pair of headphones on because their audio is worth enjoying.

2.      The Museum of Modern Art

While the Museum of Modern Art doesn’t have any virtual tours in places for museum and art lovers to enjoy, they have extensive collections of modern and contemporary art, some of which are also available online for everyone to view.

Apart from viewing some of the masterpieces online, there are also videos available on YouTube such as the Five Tips of Teaching With Works of Art where art educators virtually talk about the importance of using art to teach students and adults, alike.

Their website also offers a section on MoMA Learning where viewers can gain knowledge on what the different forms of art, photography, film, and design are, and what they represent. So if it’s art-learning you and your family are looking for, MoMA isn’t going to disappoint!

3.      Queens Theatre

Queens Theatre in New York is one of the best places in the city to experience art and film.

While being responsible citizens and staying at home amid the coronavirus outbreak, Queens Theatre has become especially active on Twitter to keep their audiences entertained and educated through these difficult times.

From sharing links online for art and film lovers to enjoy some of the best performances virtually and hosting teaching artists, to getting the entire Queens Theatre community involved in a Digital Story Circle – Queens Theatre is successfully keeping the spirit of art and film in New York alive virtually.

4.      American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History in New York isn’t falling short during this lockdown either.

From educational videos on the history of space, the nature of color, and of course the history of Earth, the American Museum of Natural History website is continuing to virtually educate and share their love for natural history with the world.

If you’re especially interested in keeping your children’s science and history memories active and stimulated, head on over to Ology, their science website for children. From videos and articles to games and stories, your kids will be in ‘naturally’ educational hands!

5.      Spyscape

“The headquarters of all things spy” may not be the traditional museum, but their commitment to polish and refine the spy within you has not faltered.

While Spyscape allows you to test your round-up spy skills including deception, surveillance, and even hacking, they’re offering really cool virtual interaction through their spy-themed crosswords every Friday to keep the spy in you as inquisitive and active as ever before!

Like that isn’t exciting enough, they’re even starting their very own podcast soon where they’ll have top spies and hackers share their secrets and stories virtually. If nothing else, these are sure to motivate you to work on your own skills!

Stay home, stay safe, but also stay entertained and educated by making the most of this time to experience virtual New York in the most exciting of ways!


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