Top 5 Sports Bars in New York

Watching games on a TV screen in the comfort of your home may be a great feeling, but cheering for your favorite team in a sports bar full of passionate (and loyal) fans has a charm of its own.

Sports bars are one of the most vibrant places to be especially during sports season. As long as everybody is willing to let fans freely root for their own favorite teams without causing any competitive trouble, you’re most likely to leave sports bar with lots of great memories.

No need to fret, 5 of the best sports bars in New York are what you’ll get!


1. Harlem Tavern

Located on Frederick Douglass Boulevard in New York, Harlem Tavern is not only one of the best sports bars in the city, but also a restaurant which showcases a beer garden.

Harlem Tavern is especially popular amongst sports lovers because they feature TVs both inside the bar and restaurant, and also a projector outside on their patio.

You get a chance to thoroughly enjoy your days and nights at Harlem Tavern with delicious tacos and Truffle burgers, Harlem Tavern-style Mac and Cheese, and most importantly, their expansive craft beer list.

What’s better is the Harlem Tavern happy hour during which you can enjoy beers and sangrias for as affordable as 5 and 6 dollars!


2. Mudville 9

From specialty burgers to customized build your own burgers for guaranteed satisfaction, from the tastiest buffalo wings to the ‘handheld’ food items ensuring convenience – Mudville 9 offers it all!

Choose from an expansive list of the 30 bottled and canned beers they offer, and reserve a table ahead of time to make sure you and your friends get a chance to watch your favorite team play on the TV screen closest to where you’re sitting.

Located in the heart of Tribeca in New York, this sports bar offers cautiously sourced and the freshest of ingredients to make all dishes on their menu from scratch.

Having been around since 1977, their relationships with vendors and suppliers all over the city ensure that their personally curated liquor menu offers the most premium selections you can find in New York.


3. Standings Bar

This is one of the most unique sports bars you will find. Unlike most other sports bars in New York City which can accommodate crowds of people, Standings Bar in the famous East Village offers a tiny room with a few bar stools and tables facing each other from opposite walls of the room.

Invite a few (maybe 35) of your closest friends to feel like you’re in the comfort of your own home with your peeps, enjoying some quality sports in one of the best sports bars New York has to offer.

What especially comes as a surprise at Standings Bar, considering its size, are the 8 TV screens inside. They have all of the big name sports packages to cater to the needs of all sports lovers out there.

Of course, they offer some of the most demanded craft beers which, combined with everything else that Standings Bar offers, ensure an exciting and may we add ‘wholesome’ sports bar experience.


4. Bronx Alehouse

Yes, you’re right. This sports bar is indeed located in the Bronx. With separate beer, pub, brunch, and catering menus, Bronx Alehouse is an absolute hoot with up-towners.

With rotating craft beers on tap, and over 30 bottles to choose from, you will often find loyal visitors trying to make it to Bronx Alehouse’s Beer Club by sampling and rating 100 different alcohols.

The ambience is great and exactly what you would want out of a sports bar. The red bricks really add to the raw yet homely feel of the bar, and you will always find this place hustling and bustling with crowds of people enjoying their favorite sports or just some time out with their gangs.

To make things even more interesting, you get to save a dollar on all draft beers through weekdays before 7pm. We know where we’re headed next game season!


5. Blondies Sports

We don’t believe any list of New York’s best sports bars is complete without Blondies Sports on it.

Located on the Upper West Side, the sports bar is one of the best in the city. You won’t get bored watching any of the same Yankees games, but on reservation ahead of time, you will get to enjoy your favorite sport on their TV screens playing the most popular and biggest games.

Bonus: they offer some of the most delicious buffalo wings you could hope to have at a sports bar in New York.

The last thing you want to worry about when planning to watch the next big game, is where you’re going to watch it. Head on over to one of these sports bars in New York, where the only thing you’ll need to worry about is if your team is winning!


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