The Best Pizza Restaurants in New York

Pizza is to New York City what sunlight is to a plant, and the subway is to a conductor. It is important to us, and we love eating it. This is pretty much why pizza parlors and outlets are scattered across the entire city.

New Yorkers have developed quite a taste for the Italian delight, and this has led to their love affair with. We don’t like ordinary pizza. Joey Tribbiani from the popular sitcom Friends wanted his pizza to be good and extraordinary, and that’s how most New Yorkers want it too. In our efforts to find some of the best pizza restaurants in New York, we came across the five mentioned here.

If you’re a local, we believe these pizza places will have you covered. If you are visiting NYC as a tourist, please don’t leave without trying the best pizza from the food capital of the United States.

1.   Song’ E Napule, SoHo/Greenwich

The Song’ E Napule, SoHo/Greenwich is the closest you can possibly get to traditional Neapolitan pizza in NYC. The Italian restaurant was recently awarded the Pizzeria of the Year award by Gambero Rosso International, which is a prestigious Italian drink, food, and travel company.

The Song’ E Napule gives you an authentic taste of the classic Margherita pizza, which you can enjoy in its Italian-inspired setting. The taste-lords from traditional Italy would love what the chefs at Song’ E Napule are doing. They capture the true essence of the classical Calzone and present it in the form of folded-over dough. The folded-over dough is filled with spicy salami, ricotta, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil.

If you have space left in your stomach after eating their filling pizza, you can treat your taste buds with the gigantic Pallone di Maradona. The dessert is overflowing with Nutella, making it the perfect ending to an authentic pizza experience. This pizza place is located at 146 W Houston Street, NYC.

2.   Joe’s Pizza, Greenwich Village

Joe’s Pizza has famously operated from Greenwich Village for the last 45 years. The place was founded by Joe Pozzuoli and has been named after him. Joe, who was born in Naples, Italy, wanted to bring authentic Italian pizza to New York and succeeded in doing so.

Joe Pozzuoli still runs the place and has kept the taste as authentic as possible, even with an increase in scale and popularity. Joe’s Pizza has quite a rapport in the local NYC market, owed much to its title as the best authentic slice by media outlets such as New York Magazine, LIVE with Regis and Kelly, and GQ Magazine.

Once at Joe’s, you would want to keep it simple with your order. Go for either plain cheese or fresh mozzarella. This pizza restaurant has captured the true essence of Italian pizza. Their original outlet started from 7 Carmine St., but there are multiple locations spread across the city now.

3.   Prince Street Pizza, SoHo

Prince Street Pizza wasn’t really a hit among New Yorkers until they launched the SoHo Square Slice. Their Soho Square Slice comes with tiny and thick slices of pepperoni scattered across the surface of the pizza for added taste and spice. The thick slices of pepperoni created a trend as people would throng the outlet to get their hands on one. SoHo’s popularity wasn’t a fad, as the pizza lived up to the hype.

Their SoHo slice has the perfect amount of sweet to crunchy to spicy to doughy ratio, as there happens to be a perfect amount of everything involved. However, you might have to wait in a rather long line, especially during weekdays. Head over to 27 Prince Street A and enjoy the authentic taste.

4.   John’s of Bleeker St., West Village

John’s of Bleeker was started by Italian immigrant John Sasso and has proven to be a success ever since. First opened in 1929, this eatery is arguably one of the first pizza joints in New York and the entire country. The place moved locations in 1954 and has different owners now but is still run within the Italian family.

They use a coal-fired brick oven for baking the dough and give eaters an authentic taste. The restaurant also comes with seating arrangements, so this is not like many other stand-and-eat-a-slice pizza restaurants in New York City. Once you are there, do try the Ricotta/basil pie.

5.   Koronet Pizza, Upper West Side

Having looked at all the authentic sizes and flavors of pizza, we now bring up the giant slice on offer at Koronet Pizza on 2848 Broadway. Koronet has a wide range of giant, jumbo-sized pizza slices and offers the best of New York in the biggest size possible.

Their outlet is open till 2 am on weeknights and 4 am on weekends. Each enormous slice will cost you a little over $5 and is worth every penny. Almost all flavors are well-made, giving you their contemporary take on the traditional Italian pizza.

If you’re a New Yorker, give all 5 of the above pizza spots a try. If you’re a visitor, allow New York to impress you with its variety in pizza by visiting the pizza places we recommended.


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