The Best NYC Hotels with Swimming Pools

Taking a tour of New York City can be magical on its own. Combined with a luxury swimming pool at your disposal, a week-long trip can change into an extraordinarily relaxing vacation! Whether you are a swimmer or someone who enjoys lounging by the pool on a warm, sunny morning, there is something available just for you.

Before booking the hotel that will serve as your home in NYC, you should check out our list of NYC hotels with swimming pools that take your breath away. Here are some of them you can watch out for!

Mandarin Oriental

If you would really like to treat yourself, the Mandarin Oriental is the perfect choice. The hotel offers a three-lane, 75-foot lap pool that overlooks the Hudson River from the 35th floor. The pool is part of their incredibly-sized spa, spanning over 14,500 square feet.

Book here: Mandarin Oriental New York


The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons may seem like the obvious choice, but it is famous for a reason. The 75-foot indoor pool is always appropriately heated, surrounded by cozy loungers. Whenever you visit New York, this has to be one of the locations of choice! Unfortunately, you will only get access to the pool if you check into their hotel—or if you know someone who lives in the luxury condos at 30 Park Place. If you’re still wondering where to stay, this could be a great option for a high budget.

Book here: The Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown


Hotel Indigo

If you want lovely views of the New York skyline as you take a dip in the pool, we would recommend Hotel Indigo at the Lower East Side. With its 15-story high pool adjacent to a hip rooftop bar called Mr. Purple, Hotel Indigo offers an overwhelming view of Manhattan in full swing. However, it is only functional during the summers.

Book here: Hotel Indigo Lower East Side


Trump International Hotel and Tower

Trump Hotel and Tower

If you are a guest at one of the Trump hotels, we can guarantee a luxurious stay. Their incredible spa comes with steam baths and a sauna. And for those looking to continue their fitness routine on vacation, there are expert personal trainers that run the cutting-edge fitness center. Here, a sense of lavishness seeps into everything you do.

Book here: Trump International New York


The James

On a weekend afternoon, you can head over to the usually exclusive swimming pool at The James. Starting at 3 pm, this party is for one and all! You may not have enough room to practice swimming or do a few laps, but we can guarantee that the view of the Hudson River will make it all worth the while. Sip a frozen cocktail in the pool while swaying to the beat. At The James, the weekends are for everyone—the more the merrier!


The William Vale

Located in Williamsburg, The William Vale is home to a 60-foot pool that the public can access seven days a week. Everything from swimming and getting a tan to drinking in the pool is available in this luxurious setting. If you visit in the summertime, you can see the picturesque view for yourself! At William Vale, a pool party is just waiting to take place!

Book here: The William


The Peninsula

On the top floor of the Peninsula Hotel, you will find a 45-foot indoor swimming pool. Surrounded by teak columns and sporting a black tile floor, the pool is as fancy as it gets in NYC! The pool itself is one part of the hotel’s triple floor spa. Plus, you have a full-time attendant to truly make you feel like royalty.

Book here: The Peninsula New York

NYC hotel swimming pool

SoHo House

At SoHo House, you will find a heated rooftop pool all year round! While it’s true that access is limited to only hotel guests and those who subscribe to the elite membership, the price can be considered worth it! Along with lounging chairs with a view, there is a rooftop restaurant that serves delicious food. If you have the budget, we suggest you go for the best.


Dream Hotel

Go one step further in your swimming pool adventure by booking your stay at the Dream Hotel’s simulated beach. This 4,800 square foot beach sports white sand imported from the Hamptons. For those who like relaxing (who doesn’t?) there are plenty of cabanas and transparent-bottomed pools which overlook the hotel lobby. If you aren’t a hotel guest, you can access the pool for a price during the weekdays!

Book here: Dream Downtown


So, if you’re planning your trip in the summertime and looking forward to the variety of luxury swimming pools New York City has to offer, you know where to go. If you’re planning on staying in any of these hotels, make your booking well in advance. Reservations run out like water at these sumptuous hotels!


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