The 7 Best Places to Drink Bourbon in New York City

“If I cannot drink Bourbon and smoke cigars in Heaven, then I shall not go.”

Mark Twain

We couldn’t agree more with these famous words of Mark Twain. There’s nothing like a nice glass of whiskey bourbon on the rocks (or neat) to kick back and relax.

… And kick back and relax you will when you’re in New York!

Whether it’s the ambience you’re looking for or just a great variety of your favorite whiskey bourbons, NYC will not disappoint! Let’s take a look at 7 of the best places to drink bourbon in New York City.


1. Copper & Oak


Located on Allen Street in the heart of Lower East Side, Copper & Oak offer a splendid combination of the most knowledgeable servers, casual atmosphere the setting of which fits perfectly in line with ‘copper and oak’, and over 600 liquors!

Their focus is on whiskey, offering an unending list of single malt scotch, blended scotch, bourbon, wheat, and rye to choose from.

At Copper & Oak, they know their spirits and they’ll even educate you on all of them if given the chance.

Laid-back and welcoming, it is the perfect setting for a date, group of friends, or to simply get your much-needed liquor to fix any time of the day.


2. Bondurants


Home to craft beer and bourbon, Bondurants is located on 2nd Ave and 85th Street.

Offering around 31 bourbon whiskeys, this bar gives off relaxed, neighborhood vibes with the best bartenders you could hope for.

The farthest from being snobby, the owner and bartenders will help you pick out the best beer for you without hesitation, even allowing you to sample everything on tap before you place your final order.

Almost always busy, you will still not feel the need to scream over to your friends even on a Saturday night. In addition to the alcohol, their tater tots are a must-have for the full Bondurants experience.


3. Daddy-O


Located on Bedford Street in New York City’s West Village, Daddy-O offers an elaborate list of over 500 of the finest and rarest liquors, which is compiled in what they refer to as “the book.”

For the bourbon lovers, Daddy-O offers Straight Bourbon, Single Barrel and Small Batch. They’re especially particular about what qualifies as bourbon, providing age statements with each of them.

Their Straight Bourbon is aged for a minimum of 2 years with no added coloring or flavor. Single Barrel, as the name suggests, is bourbon from a single barrel, not mixed with any other barrels, whereas the Small Batch provides consistent flavor in every bottle, using a small number or ‘batch’ of barrels mixed together.

Who knew there was so much to know about bourbons!? Well, as long as you’re at Daddy-O, you needn’t worry because they know it all!


4. The Moonlight Mile


At The Moonlight Mile in Greenpoint, you’ll find over 200 American whiskeys including a wide selection of bourbon whiskeys.

Their customized whiskey cocktails are always a hoot and they also offer 12 craft beers along with a small but unique assortment of wine.

We can’t really decide what we admire most at The Moonlight Mile – the bourbon they serve, the jukebox you can play songs on to dance to, or their display of local artists’ work that we can’t get enough of.  We’ll let you decide for yourself.

If you’re looking for a great time with old friends and new, The Moonlight Mile is the place to be!


5. Rye House


Welcome to a spacious bar made out of marble, and a back room that accommodates a buzzing crowd.

At Rye House in Union Square, you can enjoy some tasty food at the restaurant to go with finely selected bourbon options that their bar offers.

Head on over for brunch, lunch or dinner, for some scrumptious food reinvented from cultures all around Heartland, Rust Belt, Southeast and the Southwest. All food options are made using the finest ingredients from local sources.

Experience the ‘Bourbon Tour’ and pick from a variety of the best and finest bourbons in New York from the ‘New York Bourbon Tour’, or the oldest and rarest bourbons from the ‘Grand Bourbon Tour.’


6. Uptown Bourbon


One of the best finds in Hamilton Heights, Uptown Bourbon offers a daily happy hour along with one of the most comfortable environments you can find.

In case you aren’t there solely for the delicious bourbons, they have to offer, kick back and don’t miss out on the opportunity to listen to some of the greatest music on age-old vinyl records. If bourbon doesn’t make you feel old-school enough, the vinyl records definitely will!

Another bonus is that Uptown Bourbon is one of the few bars in New York which is also awarded Certified Bonded Premises.


7. PDT (Please Don’t Tell)


Please Don’t Tell, or PDT is not just a cocktail bar, but an experience in itself.

Located in the East Village, you enter this speakeasy-style bar through a vintage phone booth in Crif Dogs.

Sip on some bourbon with low-key chilled out vibes which are complemented with the unique décor the place wonderfully pulls off.

No longer a secret so we think it’s okay to tell that you should definitely book ahead of time, especially if you’re planning to visit with a group of more than 8.

All of these bourbon places in New York provide the best ambiance along with the finest bourbons and take the entertainment levels up by a few notches.

Toast, sip on, and gulp your favorite bourbons while enjoying some good ol’ fashioned company and vibes!


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