Spring In Effect: Events Happening During The Spring

As the Spring starts to unfold in NYC, the place buzzes with fun-filled events and activities that New Yorkers look forward to each year. The attractive exhibits and shows that happen during this time of the year finds many takers especially for having fun trips with family and friends or capturing new shots for your Instagram. Here’s a spotlight at the top 8 amazing things to do this spring when in NYC.

1. Hanami: Cherry Blossom Viewing

Hanami: Cherry Blossom Viewing

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s famously picturesque, falling pink petals from hundreds of cherry trees is the first testimony to the arrival of the Spring season. The old Japanese tradition of viewing these brilliant blooms is known as Hanami that symbolizes nature’s beauty. Also known as Sakura Matsuri, the monthlong festival celebrates the Japanese culture where you can enjoy a bunch of activities at the Japanese tea room, and a small flea market where you can find silk wraps, Raaka chocolates, and wall scrolls.

APR 1 – APR 30

Visit website: BBG

2. Macy’s Flower Show

Macy's Flower Show
photo via johngonefishing (FLickr)

The iconic floral show is held at the Macy’s flagship store at the Herald Square in NYC. For more than 70 years, every year in Spring, Macy’s stores are turned into gardens for these spectacular flower demonstrations. Much to the delight of New Yorkers, there are millions of enchanting flowers, plants, and trees from around the world that are a part of the floral scene. Apart from the Herald Square, Macy’s Flower Show is also held in two other locations – State Street in Chicago, and Union Square in San Francisco.

MAR 27 — APR 4

Visit website: MACY’S

3. St. Patrick’s Day Parade

NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The city of New York is decked in green to mark the celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day. On that day, everyone can claim to be a bit of Irish. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade held every year is the oldest and the largest of its kind anywhere. People are clad in green for this occasion. Bagpipers, marching bands, and revelers from far and wide take part in the parade.

Visit website: St. Patricks Parade

4. Frieze New York

Frieze New York

The art show is a fresh layout that introduces new programs and curators from across regions with a mix of debutants to the most influential. The programs are constantly changing every year to bring in original ideas and innovation in the field of arts. The New York edition features an open call to all international artists. This is a platform that has launched the career in arts of many an emerging artist through several decades in the past.

 MAY 2 — MAY 5

Visit website: Frieze

5. The Butterfly Conservatory at The American Museum of Natural History

The Butterfly Conservatory at The American Museum of Natural History

The live butterfly conservatory is a popular annual exhibition held in the Spring. More than 500 butterflies from a mix of species can be found at the Museum. These are the free-flying butterflies amidst a lush green landscape that captures the interest of many who visit the museum.

Inside, the 1200-square foot Butterfly Conservatory, visitors can take a stroll along the long pathway to watch the spectacle of so many butterfly species. The colorful butterflies housed in this conservatory are intriguing for both children and adults as every vivarium explains the lifecycle of each species. There are panels that explain how these butterflies support the ecosystem.

 MAR 27 — MAY 27

Visit website: AMNH

6. The Orchid Show

NYC The Orchid Show
photo via NYBG

Witness thousands of orchids in full swing in the Spring at the New York Botanical Garden. The Orchid Show exhibits some of the world’s most unique and beautiful orchids designed by the best floral artists. The exhibition typically runs for over a month and New Yorker’s are seen visiting the garden every year. The show is a favorite Springtime trip for those in the city to see the exquisitely beautiful and fresh species all in full bloom.

MAR 27 — APR 28

Visit website: Orchid show

7. Dance Parade

NYC Dance Parade
photo by Alba Vigaray

This multi-cultural musical parade is organized every year to celebrate people of all types. Many dance forms are on display in the annual street parade and festival in the NYC. The parade is a means of community engagement and people participate in this dance fest in great numbers. Over 80+ unique dance forms from across the globe are on display. People are also seen performing historical dancing styles like Waacking, Brazillian Zouk, and more.

Visit website: Dance parade

8. Shakespeare in the Park


Shakespeare in the Park
photo via Public Theatre

NYC is known for being the pioneer of theatre culture in the world. Undoubtedly, Shakespeare still remains the most celebrated playwriter of all times. The Central Park shows are the most famous in this season as the production goes outdoor to enthrall audiences by enacting the legendary plays of the writer. The best part is that all of these shows held across the city parks are free for audiences to watch!

What are the other events or activities that you participate during the Springtime in New York? Please let us know in the comments below.

MAY 21 — SEP 8

Visit website: Public Theatre


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