NYC Hotel Rooftops—Exploring the City from the Skies

Visiting New York is not all about exploring its culture and the living styles of the natives. More so, it is about the beautiful skyline that you get to experience every time you look out the window. This metropolitan has stunning architecture bound to blow your mind, and you can see it all from a great vantage point!

If you would like to explore the NYC hotel rooftops that come alive after sundown, all you need to do is have a look at our list! Choose what you would rather do at a night around town and take your pick! Here are some interesting NYC hotel rooftops you can see for yourself.


You must have seen Westlight in many an Instagram story as the site of first-dates and special dinners—it is one of Williamsburg’s hottest attraction after all! If you are in the mood for a craft cocktail or two, this rooftop bar on the 22nd floor should be your go-to. Here, you can get ready for rare spirits and beautiful panoramic views of Brooklyn, Manhattan, the East River and what not!


The PUBLIC Hotel claims to be an experience of “luxury for all.” It seems to us that they take this claim seriously. The hotel has floor-to-ceiling windows that give you a complete 360-degree view of all the surrounding areas. There is an outdoor terrace that features weekend barbecues and DJs from around the world. If you’re in NYC, trust us; you can count on the best rooftop experience of your life.

NYC rooftop hotel

Le Bain

This is where all the cool kids hang out. The Le Bain gives you exactly what you want: a rooftop plunge pool with the perfect music to move your body to. The panoramic views stretch to the west side if only you can get in. This place is famous for its A-lister clientele and retro style, so don’t forget to visit!

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The Knickerbocker

If you have decided to visit The Knickerbocker, you are in for a unique experience. This isn’t your average Times Square bar; it is something different that even locals will love! With its Japanese whiskeys, mocktails, local beers, and a beautiful eagle’s eye view of New York, The Knickerbocker shouldn’t be missed! It is an experience of luxury right in the middle of the city.

Top of the Strand

If you decide to visit this roof, you may feel like you have to brave the crowds to gain access to this 21st-floor rooftop bar. Located above the famous Manhattan Strand Hotel, this rooftop has overtaken the fame of the hotel and surrounding landmarks. Here, you can sit down and relax with a drink while enjoying panoramic views of the Empire State Building, Langham Place, and other places nearby.

NYC rooftop bar

La Piscine

Check in to La Piscine for the staycation you always dreamed of! Their rooftop hosts a Coastal Mexican Grill, which sports a variety of foods from south of the border. The views are stunning on top of the delicious cuisine! If you decide to Climb up 10 stories from Hotel Americano and enjoy this urban oasis to your heart’s content. There are a rooftop pool and frozen margaritas to go with it!

McCarren Hotel & Pool

The McCarren Hotel and Pool can help you cool things down or heat them up depending on your preference! The drinks menu is diverse and superb, the views are absolutely breath-taking, and the happy hour lasts from 5-7 pm! What else do you need from a rooftop hotel space? Visit this Williamsburg hot spot that you will never forget.

Z NYC Hotel

The Z NYC Hotel in Long Island City can serve as your ultimate vantage point to New York City. Its elevated escape roof offers a 360-degree view to famous places like the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings without the trouble of navigating through tourist crowds.

PH-D Rooftop Lounge

This can be termed one of the quintessential rooftops in NYC. While it has been around for a very long time, its popularity doesn’t seem to be diminishing! The place offers mind-blowing views of the city while the crowd is bound to turn a few necks. If you visit in the evening, expect a crowd and some queues. However, there’s the Happy Hour to take your mind off things!

Sky Terrace

At the beautifully-named Sky Terrace, you can come in for a soak in the sun or an evening drink. The views include a stunning picture of the Hudson River, and you can see all the way up to Lady Liberty on very clear days!

If these places seem as hip and interesting to you as they do to us, head over and experience the unique vibe each one has to offer. Whether you choose the Sky Terrace or one of the bar lounges, each space will embrace you in its ambiance. Don’t forget to take a few skyline shots while you’re at it!


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