New York Broadway Shows You Don’t Want To Miss

For years, the Broadway Theatre of New York, also known as the Theatre district has been putting up great shows and singalong musicals. These shows are synonymous with the theatre culture of the city and are an unmissable action for anyone. In fact, the term Broadway is even used in place of the word theatre itself and is quite a popular way of describing such an art! The Midtown Manhattan, NYC arena has 41 theatres each with a seating capacity for 500 people. Every year, about 12 million people watch these Broadway shows. So, what are the most popular Broadway shows that have found people flocking to the theatre district from time to time? Let’s find out.


  1. Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway

This Disney cartoon-to-musical show is the tale of a simple boy who sets out on an adventure with the help of an uncorked spirit and a magical rug that can fly as the central characters! The stage adaptation of Aladdin has formed an instant connection with the audience has brought the famous story to life.

Aladdin a street urchin falls in love with Princess Jasmine of Agrabah. Realizing that his desire may just remain a dream, Aladdin with the help of the spirit Genie introduces himself as the rich suitor Prince Ali Ababua. However, Jaffar the evil royal advisor to the Sultan tries to force the princess to wed him in greed for the kingdom. So, what happens to this tale of love? Does Aladdin finally wed his ladylove with the help of Genie and the others? Book your tickets to this magical love story at the Broadway theatre near you.


2. Phantom of the Opera On Broadway

The timeless show continues to enthrall the audience, having performed onstage for over 30 years now! The popular Phantom of the Opera is the third longest-running show having first performed on stage way back in 1986! It is stated to be the best musical ever by theatre enthusiasts. Viewers can watch the greatest spectacle at the Broadway when in NY.

The legendary theatre showcase is often the benchmark for story, music, and performance for others. The play has received top reviews from those who have been to this Broadway show. It is mostly loved for the elaborate costumes and the powerful performance of the actors. Each year the story is enacted with a fresh new flavor while keeping the original story intact. The best part is that the audience also joins in the chorus for the songs. The spectacular and stunning play is a must-watch for any reveler in NYC. If you are looking to cherish the true vibe of the city, you should visit a Broadway near you and enjoy the spectacle!


3. Wicked on Broadway

Discover the untold tale of the Wizard of Oz witches as you watch the Broadway musical “Wicked”. The story born from a 115-year old novel was first enacted on stage in 2003. Since then theatres are found packed in full as adults, teens, and children alike enjoy the musical.

The romantic comedy with a political undertone has a talking goat and a flying monkey relating the tale of friendship and the downsides of getting what you want. The magical proceedings on stage are easily relatable by the audience whether or not they are up on their Oz insight.

“Wicked” throws light upon the tale of one’s choices and that it cannot be undone once you’ve already set your foot forward. The bottom line is that you must learn to live with the choices that you make. Catch the wonderful cast and crew making the play come alive at a Broadway near you.


4. Chicago On Broadway

The musical has all the elements-glitz and the glamor of New York. It is one of the most successful plays to be performed at the Broadway. Now in its 20th year, Chicago is the second longest-running musical that depicts the tale of fortune and all that jazz. The script is adapted from the Oscar-winning 2002 movie with the original veteran cast having twinkled to keep the classic story retain its enigma.

The play has received several awards and the cast puts up the show eight times a week. The sensational tale of corruption and sin has got everything you would want in a musical: amazing story, great cast, show-stopping songs, and brilliant dancing. The tickets to this Broadway’s blockbuster are available for various show timings. So, reserve your seat today and witness the glory of this fine NYC theatre.


5. The Lion King On Broadway

Disney’s Lion King at Broadway has won many awards and is based on the most beloved story of the 1994 film by the same name. More than 95 million people have witnessed the thrill and stunning performance of the best musical show that still rules the stage. The director of the popular show has created one of the most transporting visions to be ever seen at a Broadway musical.


The Lion King is a marvel that moves beyond its theatrical representation into a more visually appealing and artistically portrayed storytelling. Imagine flocks of birds, African beasts and towering giraffe all depicted very minutely, scene-by-scene, to form a captivating tale of fun and adventure that’s what the musical The Lion King has to offer. Visit a Broadway to watch this visually spectacular story today!

As an avid theatre lover or if you appreciate art, what aspect of the NYC theatre culture most appeals to you? Have you watched these Broadway shows? If yes, we would be delighted to hear your feedback and experience!



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