New York Beaches to Open with Restrictions

In welcome news to everyone in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that New York State is going to reopen its beaches that will include local beaches and lakes shores, for Memorial Day weekend. It is going to be in coordination with New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware. The governor also announced that there are going to be restrictions in place when the beaches open, which were that beaches are only going to be limited to 50% capacity.

All the concession stands are going to be closed, and contact activities that include sports like volleyball are going to be prohibited. Public pools are also going to remain closed for the time being. Furthermore, beachgoers will need to wear masks when they can’t maintain a 6 feet distance from other people. The governor announced that beaches are all set to be opened from May 22nd, the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend and parking areas are going to be limited to half of their usual capacity.

Strict Social Distancing Restrictions in Place

Strict Social Distancing Restrictions in Place

Beachgoers that plan on hitting the beach during Memorial Day weekend will need to adhere to a strict set of rules. There are going to be no group activities allowed at the beaches, which includes volleyball and football, and all playgrounds and picnic areas are going to remain off-limits. The employees and visitors will all need to wear masks when they can’t remain six feet apart from others, and concession stands and pools will also remain closed.

Cuomo also stated that beaches that didn’t enforce the rules or where these social distancing rules are not followed are going to be shut down immediately. The announcement was made one day after the Governor of New Jersey announced that his state’s beaches are going to be open for Memorial Day. Cuomo further stated that he had been coordinating with governors from other states to avoid any conflicts about what is open and what remains closed in the states.

There was a fear that if other states were opening their beaches and New York wasn’t, then you would have millions of people from New York flooding those beaches, which would be a major problem.

Welcome Relief for Beachgoers

Welcome Relief for Beachgoers

The order for the reopening of beaches in New York City is a welcome sight for New Yorkers who had been locked inside for two months. It gives them the opportunity to head outside and cool down when the hot summer days come rolling around, but it remains to be seen if the strict restrictions are going to play a role in stopping people from fully enjoying themselves.

Beaches remain the only place where people can have fun and remain safe, but the coronavirus has made it impossible for people to remain socially distant and have fun at the same time. The beaches reopening is a good sign that New Yorkers won’t be rushing to beaches of other states to enjoy some time in the sun and get some respite from the lockdown.

The main concern for Governor Cuomo was to ensure that people don’t flood the beaches of neighboring states, but the strict social distancing restrictions are not going to be popular with the people. However, there are strict orders to shut down any beach that doesn’t practice these new social distancing restrictions, so people must abide by them or risk getting the beaches shut down again.

Practicing Social Distancing at the Beach

Practicing Social Distancing at the Beach

It’s going to be difficult to maintain a distance of 6-feet apart at the beach. With the Memorial Day weekend coming, it’s expected that millions of people are going to head to the beach to cool off. That’s why there has been an order that every person heading to the beach and can’t maintain a distance of 6-feet needs to be wearing a mask. Furthermore, the ban on social activities and games like volleyball and football must also be adhered to, which is going to pose another problem for the authorities.

How do you expect people to go to the beach and not partake in fun and games? It remains to be seen whether the beachgoers are going to respect the rules and restrictions that have been put in place when they head in mass to the beaches. If they don’t abide by the rules, it is a very good chance that the beaches in question are going to be shut down, but that remains to be seen.


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