Most Romantic Restaurants in New York City

Looking for that special place to have dinner with that special someone in the very special New York City?

Considering the vast population of New York, it comes as no surprise that there are tens of hundreds of romantic restaurants to choose from.

Sure, there are those incredible date nights where you and your partner have the time of your life without prior extravagant planning. This list is for planning that ideal, never-out-of-style romantic night, together with dim lighting, beautiful ambiance and an experience you’d wish you had lived through sooner with your partner.

We have carefully handpicked our top 5 most romantic restaurants in NYC to make sure that your date night is just as special as you’re imagining it in your head.

1. Le CouCou

Originally from Chicago, internationally acclaimed chef Daniel Rose sparked his passion for cooking during his time studying in France.

Rose’s intricate French delicacies combined with the romantic handiwork of the power couple at Roman and Willams – Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch – make this luxuriously intimate restaurant top of the list for the most romantic restaurants in New York City.

Starch white linens spread across extravagant looking tables are perfectly paired with 12-inch candles on each table, gorgeously creating the finest ambiance for the ideal romantic date night for you and your partner.

The dining area is tastefully decorated with curved archways, gold-trimmed glassware and landscape murals on the walls to provide the most picturesque setting for love birds to share their heart’s deepest desires.

Whether you’re celebrating decade-old love or the beginning thereof, this elegance-packed restaurant is sure to set the stage for you and your partner to make your way together for years to come.

2. L’Artusi

Instead of France, if you feel yourself particularly longing Italian food in New York for your romantic night out, L’Atrusi is the place to be.

Bringing together comfort and creativity, experience traditional Italian cuisine with one of the finest selections of Italian wines offered in the city (must we go on justifying why we consider this one of the most romantic restaurants in NYC?)

Offering 110 seats, L’Atrusi additionally offers a mouthwatering cheese bar and an open kitchen. In case you want to take the intimacy up by a couple of notches, the restaurant also allows you to privately dine-and-wine in their walk-in wine cellar featuring 2500 bottles!

We’re sure you’re already sold by now, but keep in mind that advanced reservations are a must if you want the opportunity to dine at this extravagantly intimate Italian restaurant.

Once you’re in, L’Artusi will surely fill your stomachs with as much joy as they will your hearts.

3. Zenkichi

From the moment you set eyes on the exterior of this Izakaya-inspired restaurant, there is no doubt that this makes it to the top 5 most romantic restaurants in the city.

The mystifying, windowless wooden exterior leads you to a dimly-lit lobby which might make you wonder if you’ve stumbled your way to the lobby of a spa.

Follow the dark staircase to make your way up to the dining area, where you will be seated in the coziest-looking, and feeling, wooden booths that will evoke romanticism in the most cold-hearted of souls (which hopefully isn’t you or your partner anyway).

Enjoy the elaborate use of bamboo stalks and stones which perfectly complement the exterior of the restaurant, as your servers roll the blinds of your booth up and down to make their way, giving you just enough space to make it feel private.

Share one of your favorite dishes from a list of Izakaya-inspired, delicately presented menu items. You could opt for the Omakese eight-course meal if you’re feeling particularly hungry.

Though thanks to their inspiration, rest assured, you and your partner will not leave this restaurant feeling too full to function.

4. Nonna Beppa

Proudly presenting themselves as the ‘fusion between passion and love for food’, Nonna Beppa warmly welcomes those looking for more intimate privacy to their back-room wine cellar.

Just down a flight of stairs from the restaurant’s main dining room, you can reserve this intimate wine cellar for an exclusive dining experience especially for the two of you.

A small table complete with 2 chairs and walls filled with bottles of premium Italian wine, makes this spot one of the most romantic and coziest restaurants you can find in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Try their homemade (with love) pasta which can be personalized upon request, or avail the opportunity to have Nonna Beppa in the comfort of your home with their private chef services!

Whether you choose to romanticize this experience at the restaurant or in your house, this will be the perfect and one of the most romantic Italian feasts you and your partner are sure to have in your lifetime!

5. Maison Premiere

What better restaurant is there to pick for your romantic night out than one where you’re surrounded by scrumptious aphrodisiacs?

Offering around 30 different oysters, exceptional cocktails along with a bar that carries New York’s largest collection of premium absinthes, the only other thing that makes this restaurant extraordinary is their Paris-inspired interior.

The restaurant is clearly inspired by lavish hotel lobbies and restaurants in the world’s top tourist destinations, and it reflects perfectly through their gorgeous-yet-classy décor.

Whether you’re going for the aphrodisiacs, the intimate setting or the absinthe-infused cocktail, the Maison Premiere will surely not disappoint!

With so many exotic restaurants to choose from in this list of the most romantic restaurants in New York City, the only thing you need to ensure is that your partner is more wooed by you than by the setting!


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