One of the most important institutions in the city of New York, the Museum of Modern Art or short for MoMA hasn’t just preserved art history; it has made some of it as well. From first opening its doors in 1929, MoMA has been instrumental in the development of 20th-century art and culture, not only for sculpture and painting, but also for architecture, film, and design. In short, without the MoMA, the last 100 years would have looked very different for everyone.

The standout part about MoMA is that it has a long and illustrious history, and you now have the chance to catch it for free through an interactive online feature on the museum’s website. It is called MoMA Through Time, and it draws upon the MoMA’s archives to recount key exhibitions, like the 1931 Henri Matisse show, which was MoMA’s first ever devoted to a single artist.

Then there is the 1939 retrospective of Pablo Picasso, which brought Guernica, his most famous painting, to MoMA, where it remained until it was repatriated to the artist’s native Spain in 1981. There is also the 1955’s “The Family of Man,” which is considered to be one of the greatest photography exhibitions that have ever been mounted. MoMA Through Time also covers things that may be surprising for you. For instance, did you know that in its infancy, MoMA relied on a guard dog that was named Don, a German Shepherd for building security? Or that there had been a major fire there in 1958 that brought about the evacuation of the collection by moving objects hand-to-hand down the main staircase? There are a lot of interesting facts like these that truly make MoMA a sight to behold for anyone.

A Brief History of MoMA through Time

The feature concludes with the 2019 opening of the museum’s latest expansion, and for all the talk about the latter’s focus on diversity, MoMA Through Time also reveals that decades ago, the museum had pioneered exhibits of African American, Native American, and Latin American artists. All in all, it is a fascinating look at MoMA’s foundational showcase.

A Look Back in History

MoMA Exhibition History List

Located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, The Museum of Modern Art is like no other museum. This makes it one of the most unmissable spots that you can visit in New York City, and you should definitely pencil in a visit here no matter how short a time you have the spend in the city. It plays a major role in developing and collecting modern art and is often identified as one of the largest and most influential museums of modern art in the entire world.

MoMA’s collection offers an overview of modern and contemporary art, including the works of architecture and design, drawing, painting, sculpture, prints, photography, illustrated books, and artist’s books, film, and electronic media. The MoMA Library includes approximately 300,000 books and exhibition catalogs, with over 1,000 periodical titles, and over 40,000 files of ephemera about individual artists and groups. The archives hold primary source material that is related to the history of modern and contemporary art.

The idea for the Museum of Modern Art was developed in 1929, and ever since that time, the museum has been a source of inspiration to millions of people all over the world. It houses a lot of iconic pieces that have stood the test of time and made people into art aficionados. The museum has been around for a long time and has an illustrious history, and the MoMA through Time is depicted to provide people with insight into what made this brilliant museum into what it is today.

There are a lot of people that don’t know about the rich and illustrious history of the Museum of Modern Art, and that is something that must be rectified. That is what this project is aiming to do as it not only seems to educate people but also inform them about the many art pieces that are housed in the museum. Needless to say, if you are an art lover or someone that has a close affinity with art, you’re missing out if you don’t see this.

There are plenty of other art museums in the world, but none like the Museum of Modern Art, and that is why it is given a special place in the hearts of many New Yorkers and art lovers. The boundless history and the depth of art pieces housed here have a history of their own, and you need to check them out today to learn what truly makes this the greatest museum of art ever.



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