Luxury Dining in NYC- The Finest Spots You Shouldn’t Miss!

Whether you are looking for a spot to celebrate your wedding anniversary or have a birthday party, New York City will let you do it all in style. With its vast list of Michelin Star restaurants around every upper class neighborhood, NYC has hundreds of cuisines to offer. If you are in the City, you should at least have one luxury dining experience to truly experience the finesse of NYC’s culinary delights.

Here’s a list of restaurants we recommend if you are ever up for the experience!


If you want to visit a restaurant that has not only one Michelin star but two, Blanca should be your pick. This speakeasy is located in Bushwick, close to the iconic Brooklyn pizzeria known as Roberta’s. If you book a reservation, make sure you aren’t late! Open from Wednesdays to Saturdays, Blanca seats about a dozen diners at a time who get the pleasure of enjoying Chef Carlo Mirarchi’s several-course menu at $195 per head. Still not convinced? Well, there’s an open kitchen where the chef and his team choreograph a fun parade of flavors while the vinyl records play appropriate music. If you get a chance to dine here, consider yourself lucky!


The Swedish chef that cooks delicious cuisine at Aska uses ingredients that can be called nothing but poetic. The preserved pine shoots and the langoustine soaked in lavender come together to create spellbindingly magical Nordic flavors. The location is a restored warehouse near Williamsburg Bridge and all seats offer a view of the open kitchen—this is where the artistry takes place. The price may be a little high at $250 a piece, but it buys you a 19-course ceremonial menu!

Chef’s Table at the Brooklyn Fare

After its move to Manhattan, the Chef’s Table has maintained its rating of 3 Michelin stars. If you visit this restaurant, you will be delighted with French and Japanese style seafood with caviar, black cod, lobster, and sea urchin on the menu. Just think of every delicious ocean dweller and find it at the Chef’s Table. One catch; you might not be able to snap a photo of the food for your Instagram as Cesar Ramirez doesn’t want you to spoil the surprise for others. Of course not, they’re paying $330 for it!

Luxury wine and dine in NYC


What would you expect from the only Michelin starred Indian restaurant in New York City? Excellence? Brilliance? A brilliant cocktail of fragrant herbs and spices? You got them all right! The lavishly styled Junoon brings the exotic flavors of India and pairs them with ideal wines! The chef hails from the homeland and creates a beautifully regional cuisine that people of every kind can enjoy. Junoon is the perfect blend of Indian food with American fine dining, bringing you dishes such as a lamb shank in yoghurt curry and a duck breast bathed in tellicherry peppercorn sauce.

Eleven Madison Park

Not only has Eleven Madison Park retained its three Michelin star rating for the past 7 years, it has also ranked number one on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list! Can you imagine having a higher recommendation? The co-owner and chef, Daniel Humm himself is truly dedicated to keeping his diner’s happy and engaged. He brings you everything from honey and lavender roasted duck and a lobster poached in mushroom butter! Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?  If you have a sweet tooth, you will be happy to know that Humm’s cookies taste like sin! The ever-changing menu comes at $295 per person.

Le Bernardin

Established in 1986, Le Bernardin is a timeless NYC restaurant that has not dipped in quality or service. The New York Times gives it four stars, while Michelin rates 3. The dining room decoration keeps evolving as the co-owners moods do; this gives the place a very modern, ever-changing feel. If you’re in the mood for some never-before-eaten culinary masterpieces, Le Bernardin is your best bet.

Luxury diners in

Momofuku Ko

Spoil yourself at the Momofuku Ko with caviar spilling from runny eggs, which is only one of its many luxurious indulgences. This two Michelin star rated restaurant is owned by the classy David Chang, who takes local and seasonal ingredients to turn them into gastronomic delights. His daring techniques and parings make him a special favorite amongst NYC’s elite circles. If you like watching your meal being prepared with utmost concentration and attention to detail, prepare to be fascinated at this restaurant.


Named after the founder Daniel Boulud, this neoclassical restaurant is located on the Upper East Side. From this mothership came forward an international empire of millions! The famous Chef Boulud orchestrates the kitchen with utmost finesse and guides his battalion of sous chefs to recreate his designer cuisines. Delightful pieces like the hamachi marinated in wasabi served with white sturgeon caviar are just waiting to be consumed and enjoyed.


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