Get Discounts on Museums, Fitness, Entertainment and So Much More with IDNYC Card

The IDNYC card is more than just an ordinary identification card. It is a card that gives all New York City residents the chance to show their true selves. The IDNYC is a government-issued photo identification card that secures peace of mind for NYC residents and ensures that they can enjoy all the many services and benefits that are plentiful in the city.

The card benefits every resident of the city, even the ones from the most vulnerable communities, which are the homeless, the undocumented immigrants, the elderly, the youth, the formerly incarcerated, and the ones who have had difficulties in obtaining other forms of government-issued ID.

The great thing for IDNYC cardholders is that they can access a host of services and programs that are offered by the city, and by other businesses. This card also improves public safety and serves as a recognized ID when you’re interacting with the NYPD. It allows New Yorkers to access all city buildings that offer services to the public and is an acceptable form of identification to access numerous city programs and services.

The IDNYC also offers a dynamic series of benefits to cardholders as they get to enjoy a free one-year membership to New York’s leading zoos, museums, concert halls, and botanical gardens. The best thing about the card is that it is available to all city residents that are aged 10 or older. Your immigration status doesn’t matter, and all applicants need to do is fill an application and submit it at an IDNYC enrollment center.

Getting the IDNYC Card

All New York residents that are aged 10 or older can apply for an IDNYC card. Applicants are required to show proof of identity and residency in New York City. Almost all types of documents are accepted, and the application must be submitted with proof of identity and residency in person at an IDNYC enrollment center.

Another thing to note is that the IDNYC card will be free for all New Yorkers till December 31, 2020, and the cards will be valid for 5 years from the date the application is approved.

What You Get with the IDNYC Card

Once you’ve got the IDNYC Card, it is going to be in full working order for 5 wonderful years, but first, let’s highlight the main benefits you will gain from the card:

·        All Access ‘Culture Pass’

The best part about the IDNYC Card is that you become eligible for a one-year free membership at 40 of the biggest cultural landmarks in New York City in all five boroughs. These include the likes of The Met, Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center, New York City Ballet, Guggenheim, Brooklyn Museum, MOMA, American Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Hall, Queens Botanical Gardens and more.

Even after the one-year membership expires, the card ensures you’re eligible for discounted access to special events. It also acts as your library card and be linked to your account at any branch of the city’s Public Library.

·        Get Discounts on All the Fun Stuff

As an IDNYC card-carrying member, you can get tickets to as many Hamilton shows you want. You can get discounts on tickets to Broadway shows, theme parks, local sporting events, and movies. All cardholders can also save on prescription drugs as they get the same benefits as BigAppleRx users.

The only thing you need to do is flash the BIN/GRP numbers at the back of the card at a pharmacist and instantly get up to 55% discount on your medication.

·        Stay in Shape More Affordably

The IDNYC card also gives members a 10% discount on memberships to the New York City Parks Department, which includes their rec centers. You will receive a 20% discount at the YMCA, ensuring that you have more fun at more affordable rates. The card also gives you a 15% discount on your Citi Bike for the first year of membership, so you no longer have to sit on the fence for a Citi Bike.

·        Spend Less Money in General

Another great benefit that IDNYC cardholders get is that they will get a $25 discount on all cats, dogs, and rabbits they adopt from all Animal Care & Control centers in New York. You’ll also be spending less money on the market, which is where most people in New York spend their money.

There isn’t a booze discount with the card, but you can get the first drink 5% cheaper when shopping at the city’s Food Bazaar Supermarkets.


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