Finding the Most Instagrammable Spots in NYC

We love visiting new places; the unfamiliar people, the beautiful architecture, and nature in all its glory. But besides the novel experiences that traveling brings to your life, it also brings Instagram opportunities that you just can’t miss.

New York City is famous for everything from oddly structured buildings to graffiti-lined streets and Broadway shows. Whatever you want to do, there is something for everyone. If you have come to NYC for the ‘gram, here are some recommended spots that you can keep an eye out for!

The Vessel

Designed by the British architect Thomas Heatherwick, this building was constructed as part of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project. This structure is a famed tourist attraction and not by accident—it is 16 stories high and is built in a trippy honeycomb-like design. If you want to be amazed at the marvels of human architecture, you must visit the Vessel and climb it to the top. The best part: it will look super cool on your Insta feed!

The Guggenheim Museum

New York City is home to many renowned art museums you may have heard of. One of the more interestingly designed ones is the Guggenheim, built by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The white circular building is shaped like a large sea shell, with the inside designed in a circular path.

The museum has since been termed a National Historic Landmark and a monument to modernism. Step inside and photograph the rotunda from the top for a sigh-inducing Instagram post!

The Ceiling of Grand Central

In itself, the Grand Central Station and its architecture are breathtaking. However, one of the most underrated aspects of the place is the ceiling filled with representations of different zodiac signs. When you’re at the train station, don’t forget to drag your eyes up to the top and see the surreal image of stars reflected back in your eyes. While you are it, take a picture of your zodiac sign for your social media!

The Gold Station Clock

Instagrammable clock

The Grand Central Station has already been hailed one of the most beautiful tourist destination spots in the city. But instead of boarding a train here to go somewhere else, you have to stop and enjoy the beauty of the train station itself. One of its most interesting offerings is the bronze-made golden clock perched on top of the information center. With its antique look, it has the qualities needed for a well-liked Instagram post. Plus, it represents NYC in all its glory—all in one frame. Make sure you catch a good shot!

A Broadway Show with a Playbill

Art lovers are recommended to visit the Theater district in NYC. There are more than 40 theaters that show all kinds of plays and musicals you can imagine. While some have been playing there for years, there are others that are novel and exciting.

Head over to a Hamilton show in the Theater District, but don’t forget to photograph the stage with a playbill in the focused foreground—a little something for the ‘gram!

The Friends Apartment

Who hasn’t At 90 Bedford Street in Manhattan, you will find the famed FRIENDS apartment. If you, too, are a fan of the world famous TV show from the ‘90s, this is the time to show the world! Head over to the building featured that’s in the show to feel larger than life. Trust us, your followers would appreciate a blast from the past!

The Street Art

New York is very famous for its many street artists and symbolic graffiti on the walls. On the facades of buildings and on sidewalks, you will find beautiful works of art that will take your breath away. These colorful paintings add to the personality and aesthetic of the city while invoking feelings of wonder and excitement.

From the Bushwick Collective to the Bowery Mural, you can find several Instagram-worthy shots of paintings to show off! Whether you are an Insta celebrity or a regular person waiting for opportunities, a square featuring NYC graffiti is a must.

The Brooklyn Bridge at Nighttime

Instagrammable spot

The Brooklyn Bridge acts as a symbol of peace and unity between the cities of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Even without its history, the bridge itself is a beautiful representation of New York and its architecture style. As soon as you see the structure, you feel like you have already seen it before in several TV shows and movies. If you manage to catch it at night, you are likely to get a ‘gram worthy shot!


These are only some of the opportunities you will find in New York City for your social media. If you are dedicated enough and have a good eye, there are many more photos to be taken and posts to be made!


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