Exploring New York in One Day

If you are traveling to New York for the first time, you will be happy to know how much there is to see! However, sometimes it isn’t possible to take out days and days for your travel. If you are in a similar situation, this guide is the perfect companion for you!

Our guide to exploring New York in one day will take you around the most famous places and spots that you can experience in 24 hours.

Rockefeller Plaza and 30 Rock

Checking out New York has to include a trip to the famed Rockefeller Center above the Dining Concourse. Starting with the fantastic mural on the main wall called American Progress, the entire place us full of art history. When you look up at the ceiling, there is Jose Maria Sert’s incredible work of art, simply named ‘Time,’ depicting the difficult balance between humankind’s past failures and future triumphs. At the Rockefeller, there is plenty for art history lovers to explore and many beautiful things to see. Make sure you don’t miss it!


St. Patrick’s Cathedral

On Fifth Avenue, you will find the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral that just went through a major restoration that took 3 years and more than a hundred million dollars. The history of the cathedral is interesting and goes back to 1858 when its construction was started by Roman Catholics of New York.

The magnificent cathedral is open to all, so step inside whenever you get the time. Everything from the dimensions, the stained glass work, and the art is all bound to stun you!


If you are interested in Greek mythology, you would know that Atlas was Prometheus’s younger brother and another Titan. If you’re at the Rockefeller Center, you have to see this splendid sculpture as high as 45 feet above ground!

If you want a great photo with Atlas who will forever hold heaven and earth together, stand behind the sculpture so the contrast of bronze and marble, dark and light, art deco and gothic, can be visible.

Chrysler Building

Even if you haven’t been to New York before, you have probably seen this building in plenty of movies and TV shows. The Chrysler and its beautiful modern architecture is a brilliant contrast to the Grand Central Terminal close by. Don’t forget to read about the history and symbolism behind it before you go!

Brooklyn Bridge

This famous one-mile suspension bridge connects Manhattan with Brooklyn—and it looks absolutely terrific. The bridge has gothic columns that have a plaque reading “erected by the cities of Manhattan and Brooklyn,” as the main reason for its construction was promoting unity between the two cities.

Times Square

The major commercial intersection as become a symbol of tourist attraction and an entertainment center in the Midtown Manhattan section. It stretches across 5 blocks and this is where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve!

Grand Central Terminal

At the Grand Central, there is plenty to do and plenty to see! The terminal was completed in 1913 and at the time, it was the largest train terminal ever built! In the early 20th century, there were a record number of immigrants in New York City, earning the terminal its grand name.

When you have explored the main concourse head down to the dining area for a bite or a quick drink. The food options range from famous food chains to ethnic restaurants that offer exotic food. And don’t forget to check out the acoustics of the whispering gallery while you’re at it!

Wall Street

When you hear Wall Street, you immediately associate it with power, money, and economic prosperity. But did you know that it is actually named after a wooden wall that was erected by the Dutch in the 1650s? When the first Anglo-Dutch war broke out, this wall proved to be useless as the English attacked from the sea—however, the street and its name live on.

Unfortunately, slavery is also a big part of Wall Street’s history. Slave trade was an important part of the local economy. In the 18th century, the foot of Wall Street was home to a bustling slave market. Near the corner, a historical plaque has been placed recently to acknowledge the injustices that took place.

New York Public Library

There is no building in New York that is not beautiful to see, and the same goes for the flagship public library on Fifth Avenue. A perfect example of Beaux Arts style architecture, this library has inspired a series of other buildings to be built in the same style. If you love books or art history, make sure you visit!


We hope you were going for longer, because there is much more New York has to offer. For now, good luck exploring the city in one day!



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