Enjoy NYC At Night

The city that never sleeps, the great New York, New York! From sunrise to sunset and all the midnight hours in between there is ALWAYS something happening in this great city. Whether you live in the Empire City or are just visiting, get the most out of your time every minute of the day!


  1. City View from the Sky

One of the greatest views you’ll have in your life is setting NYC from the sky, however, unless you are flying in and out at night you won’t be able to see this sight and from the airplanes, you are just a little too high to appreciate the cityscape. So, how do you see the skyline at night? There are three great locations in New York that you can visit at night to get the greatest views of the city at a 360-degree angle. The Empire State Building, which is open till 2 am, you can get the greatest view of the city and be right in the heart of the city too. The next great view comes from The Top of the Rock. This is the top observation deck at the Rockefeller Center, open till midnight you can see beautiful panoramas of Central Park and the Empire State Building. The last great night city view is at the One World Trade Center Observatory, open till midnight in the summer and 8 pm in the winter months. This is the tallest of the three options where you can see the Statue of Liberty, lower Manhattan, and the Freedom Tower. This is also the newest of the three towers so be prepared for it being a little crowded.


  1. Walking Tour

This is more of a tourist thing to do in NYC but talking a walking tour of the city is the best way to really become immersed in the city and the city’s culture. The walking tour takes you through midtown Manhattan, the 9/11 Memorial, Brooklyn Bridge, Ghosts tours (because with a city this old you know there are some cool ghost stores, plus come on “Ghostbusters”?) and the Dark Side of the High Line. These are all your different tour options from one company but there are tons of options out there if you are wanting to do something specifically. There are endless options in the city that never sleeps!


  1. Eating Past Midnight

In major cities, it normally isn’t difficult to find food after the bars close but in NYC there is never a time you can’t find food, and good food at that! No matter where you are in the city, Greenwich Village, Chelsea Market, Harlem, Downtown, Chinatown, Little Italy or Times Square and the Theater District – there is an endless option for whatever you are craving at any time of night. It is also good to get something in your stomach before you go out and participate in the next activity.


  1. Clubbing in the Big City

You aren’t going to need to look far if you are wanting to dance the night away at an NYC club. There are hundreds and thousands of clubs throughout the city, it is just finding one that is up to your alley…if you know what I mean. The top clubs that are on the top of the list this year are the 1 Oak, Marquee, Lavo Night Club, Cielo, Le Bain, PHD and the Output. Like we said before though, there are TONS of options for clubs, you could throw a rock and probably hit 10 clubs within walking distance from you. Find your groove anywhere in the “City so nice they named it twice”.


5. Broadway Baby!

A trip to NYC wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t attend a Broadway show! Now, of course, these tickets can be hard to come by so you can also try an “off-Broadway” or “off-off-Broadway” show.


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