Grab A Seat Inside A Bank Vault

Have you ever wanted to visit a Speakeasy bar? What about a speakeasy bar that is inside of vault? Yes, you read that correctly – a vault! The Trinity Place in lower Manhattan is set up in an old bank vault that lays under the original “Twin Towers” of New York, The Trinity Building and the U.S. Realty Building.

NYC Trinity Place Restaurant

The vault commissioned by none other than Andrew Carnegie, and at the time was advertised as the world’s largest and strongest bank vault in the world in 1904. Writhing with history, Trinity Place is worth visiting just for the unique ambiance. The Dining room has the original brass chandelier from when the dining room used to be the private meeting room for all the bank executives.

Walking down the length of the bar you can see the booths tucked away with the red leather benches. The wine cellar is tucked away behind brass doors for what would have been used for like safety deposit boxes. Then to enter the dining room you pass through the metal gates that would have been the secondary reinforcements behind the enormous vault doors.

This is a high-class atmosphere paired with the genius cooking abilities of Chef Donal Crosbie, whose vision in opening Trinity Place as a Modern Irish restaurant & bar was to highlight the burgeoning culinary pleasure that Ireland has brought to the table. Donal is a native of Dublin, simply decided that NYC was his home to showcase his culinary skills as an Irish born and reared chef.


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