Create Your Spy Profile In New York’s Spy Museum, Spyscape

Have you ever pretended to be a spy? Well if you have – this is the greatest place for you. Now I know there are rumors about how spies aren’t real but there is a long and proud history of spies and the Spyscape museum is the place to learn about them and be trained on how to be one!

NYC Spyscape Museum
Emily Myers














The New York City Spyscape has worked for years working with some of the world’s leading psychologists, CIA trainers and the former head of training British Intelligence to ensure that every piece of information that your brain soaks up at the Spyscape is authentic as possible to the truest insight to the spy world.

As you walk around the museum you also can create your own “spy profile” and you can take your character throughout the museum, the training, and interactive experience. For all ages, SPYSCAPE will provide a creative, interactive, and stimulating experience that communicates marvelous insights into the behavior of the spycraft and intelligence operations.


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