Check out These Perfect Picnic Spots In NYC

Is there anything more romantic than a picnic? I feel as if there aren’t many people who take an afternoon to dine in the great outdoors anymore, well if you are a romantic like me, you’ll love these tips on where to take your special person on an outdoor date in the great city of New York.


1. The Hallett Nature Sanctuary in Central Park

This is a tiny slice of heaven off the main pathway of Central Park. Though I can’t really say that it is tiny, the four-acre Nature Sanctuary is one of Central Park’s three woodland areas but is truly a paradise. Find an open spot on mother nature’s floor, spread your blanket out and enjoy the perfect afternoon being surrounded by trees, birds and the absolute beauty that has been enjoyed by millions since 2001.


2. The Heather Garden in Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park encompasses from 192nd St and Fort Washington North to Riverside Dr and 200th St. This park is a mixture of both natural and manmade landscaped terrains that are the perfect place to camp out for a picnic. There are plenty of open lawns that are surrounded by two major gardens, the Heather Garden and the Alpine Garden. If you want your date to be more of a “stop and smell the flowers” you should plan to visit the Heather Garden on a sunny afternoon to do just that.


3. Gardens at the Church of Saint Luke in the Fields

Laying in the West Village is the oasis of the secret gardens of The Church of Saint Luke in the Fields. Bring your picnic to the private gardens that are open to the public but are not well known for a picnic spot. This is where you can have a little extra privacy if you are wanting a more intimate picnic date. You will be surrounded by over 100 different species of birds that are known to take residents around these gardens. Not required but we recommend that you drop something in the donation box if you are going to use this location for a picnic, the entire garden is funded by volunteers and donations so giving back is always welcomed. Be sure to take lots of pictures on this date because the scenery is to die for!


4. Elevated Acre

Think exclusive and secluded for your picnic paradise! The Elevated Acre is the one to deliver that to you. You won’t need a picnic blanket for this location, there are tables and chairs scattered throughout the garden, but this is one of the most premium and hidden gardens in the city. You’ll be shocked at how quiet this garden is, especially considering where it is located, right in the middle of the Financial District of Lower Manhattan…or technically above it! Given away by its name, the Elevated Acre is a meadow fringed by beautifully crafted gardens that should be renamed the “Secret Garden” since it is difficult to find the entryway. You need to take an escalator up to it at 55 Water Street, how romantic! Capture an afternoon tucked away in the heart of NYC.


5. 6BC Community Garden

The 6BC is the community garden on the Lower East Side that is entirely run by dedicated volunteers that were founded in 1981, and then in 1995 was designated as an official botanical garden that supports the love of horticultural throughout the community. This is a tight-knit community garden that you are venturing into with your special picnic date.


6. Ridgewood Reservoir

This is one of the great parks in New York! The land was purchased in 1856 and was landscaped designed by the Olmsted firm. What better way to spend your romantic date than in the midst of one of the great gardens in NYC. With the combination of many different types of habitats—forests, fields, and wetlands—the Reservoir is an opportune spot for wildlife viewing.


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