Brooklyn Botanic Garden Reopening in July

COVID-19 has had a major impact on everyday life, and it has disrupted the lifestyle of every New Yorker as well, but things are heading towards betterment. Even though most of you have missed out on the Cherry blossom season, there is still hope that New Yorkers may yet enjoy the city’s gorgeous botanical gardens come summertime. That’s mainly because the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has now set a tentative reopening date for July 1, and it may even be sooner than that if they get permission.

If you’ve been disconnected from nature and sitting cooped up inside your apartment, this will come as welcome news to you. That’s because you may soon have more outdoor lush space to explore come summertime when Brooklyn’s stunning 52-acre Brooklyn Botanic Garden reopens.

Your Chance to Reconnect with Nature

Scenic View of Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Don’t feel down on your luck and bitter about the fact that you’ve not had the chance to go out and enjoy the cherry blossoms because better days are coming ahead. The sprawling estate is made up of over 15 gardens and has tens of thousands of blooming plants like roses, water-lilies, and meadow flowers that provide an escape from the concrete world for many people.

New York’s botanical gardens are beloved by many people as they are crown jewels of the outdoor spaces in the city, but unlike most parks, they had been ordered to close down under the PAUSE plan of the state because technically they fall under sites that house large gatherings. That was a major blow to the gardens as people all over New York come to enjoy the many blooms and plants here.

Missing Out on the Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The PAUSE plan that had been in full effect ever since COVID-19 disrupted everyday life brought everything to a halt. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden also had to cancel one of the city’s most anticipated spring festivals that were held that year, which was the Cherry Blossom Festival, which tends to arrive at the end of April. Millions of people show up to that event to enjoy the blossoms and revel in the sights and sounds of springtime in the gardens.

Even though the Garden is closed, the Brooklyn staple has taken to online photos and videos that invited folks to see their blooming garden. It’s been a hard time for many, but there are signs of hope that with the opening of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, others will follow suit in the same manner.

The July 1st Tentative Reopening Date

July 1st Tentative Reopening Date for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden may have announced the tentative reopening date, and that has given people hope that the gardens will soon be open to them. However, there is nothing set in concrete, and the garden confirmed on social media that they are aiming for a July 1 reopening, but they are also working closely with the city and the state and will use their mandates and guidelines to inform their reopening plan. They will make an announcement on their Instagram once the date has been confirmed, along with the details on what that will look like.

They have informed New Yorkers that they are planning to reopen, but that they should keep checking their Instagram page for further updates. Even though there hasn’t been a specific regulation regarding gardens, they did fall into the ‘large gathering’ restriction when the city first closed them down. The reopening phases have started, and it’s not immediately clear under which phase the botanical gardens are going to fall in.

A Ray of Hope for Everyone

The current lockdown situation has been frustrating for everyone involved, and the longer it continues, the more annoying it is becoming. The tentative plan for a July 1 opening for the Brooklyn Botanic is something to look forward to for people currently, and it does give them hope that other botanical gardens in New York are going to be following suit in the same manner and reopening.

It gives people the chance to once again step outside their homes and escape the concrete jungle to reconnect with all the different plants and trees that are a part of the botanical gardens. As yet, the signs are good, and there is great hope among people that they will soon get the chance to enjoy a leisurely stroll along the many paths of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden once it reopens.


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