Bring the Party Home as Nowadays Goes Virtual

The coronavirus has impacted our lives in more ways than you can imagine, and gone are the days when you used to party at clubs. Now, instead of rolling up to a thriving party at Nowadays to dance off your stress, as you would generally do, the popular dance club is going virtual during these unsettling and uncertain times.

Yes, now you can bring the party right into your home as their DJs are going to be playing virtual sets that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. They have created a sub-category on their website that is going to be going live every night from 8 pm to midnight, and it’s going to be like that until the club can reopen its doors to the public.

Bring the Party Home

Bring the Party Home

The experience of DJs playing virtually is going to be unlike any other that you have ever experienced as it is going to ensure that you not only practice social distancing but can also enjoy a night out. You can tune in for all sorts of foot-tapping disco beats and even tutorials to keep your mind busy and your morale up during the coronavirus lockdown.

There are going to be virtual events held every day, and all you need to do is tune in to enjoy the sets played by their many DJs. You can take a deep breath while in bed for peak relaxation during the Planetarium deep-listening sessions, or on other nights, the resident DJ may be playing out disco-floor-fillers for your own bedroom dance party.

The only thing you’re going to need is your computer, and even though your bedroom may not have hypnotic blue strobes or a fog machine, but you will still be listening to house music in tandem with a glorious mass of humanity, and dancing freely in your pajamas. You can also connect with folk through chat rooms, and most importantly, you can respect advisories to practice social distancing to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

Helping People Party Non-Stop

Helping People Party Non-stop

Nowadays also released a statement where they claimed that they thought a lot about how to stay connected with their audience while they were closed. They really wanted to make a difference in the lives of people and thought of ways they could reconnect and support their staff, and how to ensure that they can open its doors once again.

They claimed that they would start streaming technical how-to’s, DJ sets, and other community programming that allows people to connect with them even when they are closed. Francois from The Lot, the incredible soul that he is, came into Nowadays during the afternoon and set up a streaming audio and video capability along with a chat room.

Currently, the resident talent of the evening is heading out into Nowadays solo, and with intense cleaning between performers, to stream tunes onsite for the internet. The team is also preparing different ways they can keep the music going from home if New York calls on the residents to quarantine at home, as was ordered in parts of California.

Leading the Way for Virtual Parties

Leading the Way for Virtual Parties

Nowadays has become a trusted community for a lot of people to come together and blow off some steam. They have been providing people with unique opportunities to have fun during these trying times, and their virtual DJs have been pulling out all the stops to ensure that people continue having fun and don’t miss out on anything. If the coronavirus situation lasts for a long time, people are going to need a point of connecting, and they can do that through streaming.

The platform is made ideally for that reason to help reach a lot of people at the same time. They also want to use it in the best way that they can so that people can keep on enjoying goo music without missing a beat. The way they are going about right now is an inspiration for people as virtual DJs are proving to be a hit with the masses. People don’t need to get outside or go anywhere to have a good time because Nowadays is ensuring that they can safely have fun from the comfort of their home.

It is an initiative that is born out of necessity but one that is already making a significant impact on the lives of people that are connected with this situation. It’s a good thing that virtual parties have come around because it ensures that people don’t need to step outside of their homes. They can still enjoy a great night out with some lively and fun music blasting in their homes.



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