Best Tequila Bars in New York City

“And no one drank just one shot of tequila.”

Kristin Hannah


In her book, If You Believe, Kristin Hannah (the incredible author of The Nightingale and over a dozen other acclaimed books) simplified the human mind, or at least the tequila-loving side of it, with this unpretentious one-liner.


When has anyone ever stopped at just one shot of tequila? Uhh, never?


Next time you’re in New York looking for a round of entertaining nights infused with the best food and any-and-all kinds of tequila your brain can fathom, hit up one of these tequila bars to get yourself wildin’ up – exactly the way it’s meant to be done with tequila.


1.      Bodega Negra

Located in Dream Downtown, and might we say aptly so, the dreamy Bodega Negra knows how to lift you out of your Monday blues like nobody else does!

That’s right. Head on over and enter through an astonishing tequila warehouse to celebrate ‘Loco Monday’ at Bodega Negra restaurant and tequila bar. You’re welcome to party it up on a night you’d otherwise find yourself sulking in bed in New York City, wishing it was literally any other day of the week.

Along with their full-menu Mexican cuisine, they offer some of the most delicious hand crafted tequila cocktails. The Director of Beverage at Bodega Negra, Ingino Salazar, serves you an experience in a glass, not just an alcoholic beverage.

Order one of the chef’s tasting menus, along with unlimited pitchers of house margarita for a minimal amount, and enjoy a memorable experience which would be difficult for any other place to match.


2.      Vida Verde

Another place to offer some excitement to beat those Monday blues in New York is Vida Verde featuring their ‘Margarita Mondays’ in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

In addition to the best frozen margaritas you can find in New York, the colorful décor at this Mexican restaurant and tequila bar is sure to liven up your day and night alike.

Choose from an elaborate list of tequila and mezcal while enjoying some of the tastiest delicacies Mexican cuisine has to offer.

Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to check out Vida Verde’s Margarita Rooftop Market – it’s a sight to behold! You will find the most artsy and funky hand painted murals, along with a colorful rest of the space and the yummiest flavors of tequila margaritas you can hope for.

It really doesn’t get any better than this.


3.      La Biblioteca de Tequila

Located in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, you’re sure to have a good time at this upscale lounge for premium tequilas in New York.

Along with one of the largest collections of mezcals, agave liquors, and of course tequilas, that New York has to offer, this tequila bar combines intimacy with traces of mystery.

La Biblioteca is Spanish for “The Library,” which we believe in this case to mean a library of tequila. Sounds like a tequila lover’s paradise, doesn’t it?

As if this place could become any more appealing, they even offer Tequila Lockers for customers to store bottles of tequila for up to 6 months, accessible through a library card!

We promise you, this place is real!


4.      Maya Modern Mexican Kitchen and Tequileria

Located in the Upper East Side of New York, Chef Richard Sandoval at Maya Modern Mexican Kitchen and Tequileria combines simple ingredients from his Mexican background with modern cooking and tasting techniques to offer the best fusion of Mexican cuisine.

Whether you are looking to enjoy a night of tasty Mexican dinner, or a day of buzzing bottomless brunch over the weekend at Maya, the experience is sure to be worth your while – and your money.

Choose from a long list of the tequilas they offer along with some brilliant variations of traditional margarita and experience a whole new world of tequila!


5.      Agave Restaurant and Tequila Bar

Chef Raul Juarez brings an eclectic mix of Southwestern modern creativity and tradition to Agave’s tranquil and smooth ambiance in the West Village of New York.

The menus at Agave are curated with the utmost care to provide you with a charming experience that will leave you coming back for more.

You will also find an exciting list of tequila cocktails with a twist, all sure to wake up your senses and ask the server to keep them coming.

The main tequila bar offers space for up to 60 guests which is perfect to host an open bar function of your liking. Alternatively, you can choose Agave’s Tequila Room which can accommodate up to 30 guests and celebrate your own private tequila tasting party!

Whichever one of these happening tequila bars you choose, make sure you don’t let Kristin Hannah down, and definitely have more than just one tequila shot or cocktail on your fun night out!


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