Art Galleries To Check Out In Chelsea NY

The art scene in Chelsea has been growing for the last 20 years and is known among the art communities as one of the few remaining places in the city designated for art lovers and the home of New York City’s contemporary art. Today the art scene in Chelsea has dozens of galleries, most of which are near the Hudson River. It might feel a little secluded due to the location near the shipping port, but this insolated bubble is producing some of the greatest contemporary artists of our time.


1.  The Gagosian

The original Gagosian gallery was opened in Los Angeles in the early 1980s – soon the gallery became so popular that Larry Gagosian decided to expand his artistic activities to New York. In the last thirty years, the Gagosian has become an international revolution for the art community and is continuing to promote and display works from contemporary artists both internationally and locally known.


2.  Taglialatella Galleries

Since the gallery opened in 1978 the Taglialatella Gallery has been synonymous with both modern and contemporary arts. The owner, Dominic J. Taglialatella has always had the desire to display the highest qualities of work in the mediums of painting, sculpture, and works on paper. The Taglialatella Galleries have expanded from the original New York location to Palm Beach, Paris and now Toronto!


3.  Metro Pictures

Metro Pictures was founded in 1980 by Janelle Reiring. The gallery continuously strives to display and curate art shows that are both digital and physical works of art that are contemporary and compelling to the public that engages art lovers, enthusiasts, and collectors.


4. Aperture Foundation: Bookstore and Gallery

A gallery and foundation that was created by photographers for photographers. This not-for-profit foundation helps connect photographers within the community and wants to be a safe creative place for artists to gather. The foundation, which was originally created in 1952 by photographers and writers to enable a “common ground for the advancement of photography,”. You might have seen the Aperture magazine, which is published once a quarter, Aperture is a multi-platform publisher. Here you can view new works of art by both professional and amateur artists, visit the bookstore which is dedicated to just photography books that are all published in-house.


5. Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

Founded in 2002 the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery has dedicated its core mission to the advancement of artists who intersect art and technology. When visiting the gallery you can see their dedication to supporting a wide collection of innovative practices that have been the foundation of the expansion of the gallery’s art program to include painting and sculptures.


6.  Sikkema Jenkins

Sikkema Jenkins & Co. exhibits works of art in several medium forms including painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture. The gallery’s art program includes important established artists such as Tony Feher, Arturo Herrera, Sheila Hicks, Vik Muniz, and Kara Walker, as well as emerging talents like Josephine Halvorson, Marc Handelman, and Erin Shirreff. Aside from its represented artists, the gallery collaborates directly on exhibitions and projects with other artists. Originally founded in SoHo in 1991 this gallery was another gallery that moved during the artistic migration from SoHo to Chelsea.


7.  Agora Gallery

Agora Gallery was founded by Miki Stiles, who had a desire to provide opportunities to artists incoming to the global art market. Stiles was a visionary who founded the gallery on the belief that all artists should benefit from having their work promoted by a professional gallery. Not just the artists who have been established prior to being put on display in renowned galleries. The Agora Gallery is located in the heart of the Chelsea art district. You will see many an art lover when you come to visit who are looking to find and buy original artwork.


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