8 NYC Restaurants That Have Now Closed Permanently

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the city of New York extremely hard, and the lockdown forced all businesses to shut down during the peak of the virus. All restaurants had to close their doors to the public as the lockdown was enforced in full force to ensure the virus doesn’t spread. Even though the city is currently grappling with a new crisis on its hand, as there is a public health emergency combined with mandated curfews in place following citizens protesting police brutality.

The restaurants and bars of the city have been hoping that they could weather the challenges of the past few months. However, some of the most notable restaurants and bars in the city won’t get the chance to greet New Yorkers back any time soon. While most restaurants have taken a wait-and-see approach to the crisis before they can safely reopen, there are a lot of restaurants that are eager to say that they are back in business.

Ever since the lockdown began in the middle of March, there has been a steady growth in the number of new takeout and delivery options, which keep on growing. As the five boroughs begin entering Phase 1 of the reopening, it appears that it will only be a matter of time before outdoor dining is back again. However, there are still a lot of establishments that will remain closed, and New Yorkers won’t get a chance to say goodbye to them properly.

We have highlighted some of the restaurants and bars that have been closed permanently due to the coronavirus, and these include the following:

1.    Gem Spa

Gem Spa

Gem Spa had been an East Village fixture for over 100 years, and had been known for serving delicious egg creams and was famous for its punk roots. The shop had already been struggling to survive before the coronavirus pandemic, but the past few months have just been too tough for the shop to remain open. It is definitely going to be missed by New Yorkers, who will now not get a chance to properly say their farewells to this shop.

2.    Nishi


Celebrity chef, David Chang has decided to close down Nishi, which was a restaurant that was often overlooked in his Momofuku empire. The restaurant had been a sleeper hit for most people, even though it had gotten uneven reviews in the beginning, but people seemed to like its innovative take on Italian cuisine. Sadly, now New Yorkers won’t be getting the chance to say goodbye to this restaurant.

3.    Pegu Club

Pegu Club

Pegu Club was recognized as one of the best bars in New York and was also one of the seminal bars of the craft cocktail movement. There are numerous bartenders that have worked here and then went on to go and open their own spots, which New Yorkers have come to love. The current lockdown situation has hit Pegu Club pretty hard, and they will not reopen their doors again.

4.    Beyoglou

The Beyoglou restaurant was one of the few bright spots on the Upper East Side dining scene and was known for offering reliable and affordable Turkish food. It was perfect for a group of friends to share a meal, but that is now not going to be possible anymore.

5.    Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike had been a beloved Soho restaurant ever since it had opened its doors in 1989 before there had been a Balthazar or Pastis. Even though the neighborhood has been stripped of most of its artistic-bohemian vibe, and has been replaced with luxury stores through the years, this was the only spot that made you feel like you had come across a one-of-a-kind treasure.

6.    The Aviary NYC and The Office

The Aviary NYC and The Office were the Alinea Group’s high-end cocktail dens, located inside the Mandarin Oriental New York hotel. It had reportedly been slated to close in April, but the pandemic had pushed the opening date ahead. The mad-scientist level concoctions made here were always marveled.

7.    Green Grape Annex

Green Grape Annex had been a coffee shop designed by the MP Shift team and was a popular spot for neighborhood regulars and people hanging out in Fort Greene. The corner spot had been the ideal spot for hanging out and striking up conversations with strangers, but sadly it won’t reopen again.

8.    Gotham Bar & Grill

Gotham Bar & Grill had set the industry standard for fine dining in New York for 36 years. The restaurant had consistently gotten rave reviews, and it’s sad that it won’t reopen its doors to the public again.




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