7 Things to Do in Hudson Yards

The Hudson Yards is on the west side of Manhattan by 30th street and is a large group of towers built over numerous rail yards and it’s surprisingly very easy to get to! The 20 billion dollar development opened on March 15th, 2019, and has been a destination for sight-seers since. In 2015, the Metropolitan Transit Authority extended the subway line (consisting of 7 subways) and the last stop on the system is located near the northern end of the area. The transit area Penn Station is only two avenues away. Despite New York City’s everlasting change, this brand new neighborhood is packed with a constant group of must-see attractions, corporate offices, apartments, shops, restaurants,  a hotel, and much more. Keep reading to learn about all the cool things you can see and do at Hudson Yards.

1. Check out all of the Shops

Shops | Hudson yards
Neiman Marcus. Courtesy, Francis Dzikowski

Shopping, shopping, and more shopping! Retail therapy will be a part of your experience in Hudson Yards. This large area features a shopping complex that contains seven floors and has stores such as H&M, Uniqlo, Cartier, Rolex, Heidi Klein, Mack Weldon, Kate Spade, Coach, and so much more. Many of the stores are high-end and luxurious places to shop until you drop. However, the biggest news being brought to Hudson Yards is New York City’s first Neiman Marcus – a huge store (roughly 188,000 square feet)) that will combine itself with the shopping center and will feature a salon, restaurants, pop-up shops, and more. The second-largest Forty-Five Ten in the country will be opening in Hudson Gardens which sells house decor, vintage collections, women’s and men’s clothes, and many accessories.

2. Visit Snark Park

Snark Park is an exhibition area created by Snarkitecture, and it will reside among the many shops in Hudson Gardens. This multifaceted exhibition features a series of immersive art installations that will definitely be Instagram and selfie-approved. The gray and white color scheme of the second floor shows off an exhibit known as Lost and Found – which is a series of cylinders of many different heights and the layout of the area is much like a labyrinth. Modern art also meets modern ice cream, so if you get hungry, check out the on-site shop called Kith Treats, a dessert shop known for some awesome soft-serve combinations!

3. Climb the Vessel

climb the vessel | Hudson Yards

Known as a large piece of art, this striking outdoor attraction is known as ‘the Vessel,’ a 150-foot-tall structure designed by the architect Thomas Heatherwick. This honeycomb-like tower contains 154 staircases – nearly 2,500 steps in total! On top of that, it contains 80 viewing platforms for you to take a pause and a few pictures of your surroundings. Though a public piece of art that can be seen at all times, you need actual tickets to visit inside.

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4. Get the best views in Hudson Yards

observation deck | Hudson Yards
Courtesy of Hudson Yards

The observation deck in Hudson Garden is the highlight of the place and definitely, the most talked about and tweeted. At a whopping 100 floors high, you are practically touching the clouds if you are brave enough to make it up to the top. The Edge will be open to the public on March 11, 2020 but you can reserve your tickets now.  This will be the tallest observation deck in the entire Western Hemisphere! The observation juts out 65 feet from the building with views all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and even New Jersey. On top of that, the 9-foot glass walls are angled to give visitors an even deeper and better view of the surroundings! If your heart’s not already racing – check this out. You can go one floor higher than the observation deck and feel like you are floating 1,100 feet up in the air! Though the sunsets from this high will be stunning against the city-line, this attraction is not for the faint of heart!

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5. Go Watch A Show At ‘The Shed’

The Shed | Hudson yards
Renée Fleming and Ben Whishaw, “Norma Jeane Baker of Troy.” Courtesy, The Shed. Photo: Dan Wilton

Performances of all types can be seen at this Hudson Yard centerpiece – The Shed. It has a boxlike exterior composed of an almost quilt-like outer shell, and the Shed is actually mobile! The entire design features wheels in order for the building to expand. This way, the building can accommodate different types of performances of every size. The whole experience inside the walls is very high-profile and even though the building doesn’t open until April 5th, there is already a list of scheduled performances that people are anticipating. A few of the most popular shows coming to The Shed is a run of Anne Carson’s play Norma Jean Baker of Troy starring Ben Whishaw and Renée Fleming, and a massive concert from May 6th-June 1st featuring Björk.

6. Visit Notable Galleries

Hudson Yards isn’t only high rises and shopping centers – the area is packed with notable galleries. What used to be casually known as West Chelsea (10th Avenue area) harbors galleries just a simple stroll away. One of the areas displays many glass sculptures – some of the artists who created them now have pieces at MoMA, the Met, and many other museums around the world! Head south to the Kasmin Gallery located on the corner of 10th Avenue and West 27th Street – you will see a lot of contemporary art and sculptures from a global collection of famous artists.

7. Take a Stroll Through the High Line

High Line | Hudson yards
Hudson Yards High Line entrance. Courtesy, Related Oxford

The High Line is the final area of the Hudson Yards and takes a split at 30th Street. From here, visitors can walk towards the Hudson River along the elevated westward park. Hudson Yards grand opening brings the 30th Street contemporary art installation called Plinth, which is a 16-foot tall bronze statue created by Simone Leigh. By the river, you will find the Pershing Square Beams, which is a climbing section for your kiddos made by crossed beams elevated over a padded surface. The High Line also connects with the plaza and gardens that surround the vessel.

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