7 Reasons to Visit Upstate New York

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there is no place like Upstate New York.  When the crowds start pouring in, and the noise gets irksome, plan an escapade to this nature’s haven. Located just north of the New York Metropolitan area, you can reach your destination from New York via train, bus, or car.

Blessed with wineries, waterfalls, and scenic mountains, Upstate New York is the ideal place to satiate your wanderlust. The best part is, it is easily accessible from the big city so you can experience a dramatic change of scenery within just a few hours!

Stay tuned as we take you through 7 major reasons why you need to plan a trip to Upstate New York, pronto!

1.     Tour the Finger Lake Wineries

Who needs Napa when you have some of the best wineries right in your backyard? New York is home to numerous world-class wineries, most of which are found in Upstate New York. The Finger Lake Region in Upstate New York boasts of multiple Rieslings, good enough to give other wineries a run for their money!

Experience the sprawling acres of land of these wineries. We recommend you visit the Ravines Wine Cellar. Explore the winery, enjoy some wine tasting, and eat and drink to your heart’s content. You can also try the Vinifera Wine Cellars, founded in 1962 to indulge in the food and wine experience. If you’d rather be adventurous, you can even explore one of the Finger Lake wine trails.

2.     Experience the Fall Season

Fall is breathtaking in Upstate New York, enough to give tough competition to autumn in New England. This is the one time you can pack your bags and spend a weekend tucked away in the countryside. Have you ever seen the perfectly crisp autumn leaves carpeting the floor in movies? That is just what the fall foliage looks like here!

Get your cameras out and take stunning pictures with golden hues of these crunchy autumn leaves as a backdrop. Explore the stunning regions, the Hudson, The Catskills, and North Folk to breathe in the cozy air of this splendid season.

3.     Visit the Ausable Chasm

Often touted the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks, the Ausable Chasm is home to an assortment of adventures and exciting activities. This is one of the oldest attractions in the USA, allowing tourists to hike, float and climb the gorge.

With breathtaking views, the Chasm packs a punch for all thrill-seekers. You can opt for the classic tour that allows you to hike through the upper chasm and raft to the Ausable River. In the summer, you can even enjoy a tube ride down the river and experience stunning sights. Families and groups of friends can choose to camp on the Chasm grounds nestled against the towering Adirondack Mountains. Amidst nature, this camping excursion will help you relax.

4.     Unwind at Mohonk Mountain House

Located 90 miles North of New York, Mohonk Mountain House is truly nature’s haven. This Victorian Castle resort is nestled amidst breathtaking views, enough to leave city-dwellers awestruck. All things aside, this gorgeous resort is reason enough to visit Upstate New York at least once!

Surrounded by crystal clear water, cascading waterfalls, untouched forests, and cliffs, the scene is arresting. This would be a fresh break for people surrounded by the humdrum of city life. The resort offers a number of recreational activities including horse riding and kayaking so there is literally something in store for everyone!

You can get a massage at the award-winning spa to calm your body and mind. Made for all ages, this resort is the ideal retreat for people looking for a weekend getaway.

5.     Ski in the Adirondack Mountains

If you’re an avid skier, you will find the best skiing destination hidden in Upstate New York. The Whiteface Mountain is a popular choice for skiing in the Adirondacks. Did you know? This ski destination hosted the Winter Olympic Games? This is enough to get our adrenaline rushing!

You can even find a plethora of vacation rentals nestled against the Adirondacks. Some of the best options include Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa and Hotel North Woods.

6.     Uncover Beautiful Swimming Holes

If you love thrill and adventure, you will find plenty of both in Upstate New York, another major reason to visit. In Upstate New York, you can uncover the hidden jewels of swimming holes. However, it is best to take the necessary precautions and local advice before you dive into one!

You can find quite a few stunning swimming holes in Upstate New York. We recommend the gorgeous Peekamoose Blue Hole with aqua waters. After hiking the trail, you can take a dip into the cold water and rope swing to enhance the experience! With plenty of picnic spots nearby, you can satiate your appetite after an exciting swim.

7.     Eat to Your Heart’s Content

Upstate New York is rapidly emerging as a foodie’s destination. If there is one thing Upstate New Yorkers know how to do right, it’s eating! If you are a food aficionado, traveling to this location among all the other reasons would be well worth it.

Here are some of the tried and tested foods you need to taste in your next visit up North. Try the magical Buffalo wings at Anchor Bar, the scrumptious tomato pie at Napoli’s Italian Bakery that differentiates Upstate New York from Downtown and dines at Blue Hill, the founder of the farm to table movement.

With so many irresistible reasons to visit Upstate New York, we’re sure you’re planning your trip right away!


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