The top 13 best rooftop bars you must visit

The perfect New York City nightlife can be enjoyed at some of the fabulous rooftop bars and clubs that provide premier indulging service. Get one-of-a-kind experiences with the ultimate guide to the top 13 best rooftop bars in the city!


  1. Pod 39 Rooftop

Murray Hill, Manhattan

Best Rooftop bars in nyc
POD 39

The Pod 39 Rooftop bar is located in mid-town Manhattan and offers the city’s most stunning view of the NYC skyline. With brick arches, warm walls, and soft lantern lights, this very 1800’s setup is a major draw for revelers at this terrace bar. It is also known as the Salvation Taco Rooftop bar after the owner of this place Salvation Taco. The bar section opens after 5 pm and is very popular among the younger crowd.

Guests can enjoy canned beers, fresh cocktails, wine, and the delicious tacos served at the Pod 39 lounge. The place is perfect for its vibrant vibe where revelers gather after work for some indulgent cocktails and tasty foods. There is a Mexican hotel in the lobby that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner from morning to midnight.


  1. The Crown

Bayard Street

top 13 best rooftop bars in nyc


Located in between the Canal and the Bayard Street towers, at the 21st floor at the edge of Chinatown is perhaps New York’s best of the best bar. At the Hotel 50 Brewery that this bar is situated, revelers get to see stunning views of the stretches from the gigantic Manhattan Bridge to the One World Trade Center.

The bar has two outdoor patios, semi-private lounge area, a bar seat, and several windows that offers a comfortable ambiance, much more casual than any other high-end bar in the city. In fact, you will long to come back for the Asian-influenced cocktail fare served at the bar, inspired by the surrounding neighborhood. There are some unusual yet so obvious cocktail matches that the bar offers. The watermelon and basil margarita cocktail is a major revelation!


  1. St. Cloud

Times Square, NYC

top 13 best rooftop bars in nyc


This 5-star lounge and bar located on the 17th floor of the Knickerbocker Hotel gives you lovely views of the city’s skyscrapers. The exclusive rooftop bar is luxurious and comfortable. This is the best place for a perfect summer and winter night out with a wide selection of crafted beers, cocktails, and champagne.

The decorated and stylish terrace does not ever feel overcrowded with its perfectly located lounge sofas and chairs. Both parties are held, private and public here with themed drinks and peppy DJ mixes to lure the audience.


  1. The Heights

Broadway, NY

top 13 best rooftop bars in nyc


The NYC all season roof-top seating bar and grill restaurant, The Heights is the Broadway sensation that offers handcrafted beers and cocktails much to the delight of the guests who visit this spot regularly! They serve amazing handcrafted Cal-Mex and Tex-Mex that will simply blow away your senses!

This is much more than your typical burrito joint – it’s a unique experience where you will be pampered with so many choices in cocktails and food fare to satisfy your appetite.


  1. Top of the Strand

33 W, 37 Street, NY

top 13 best rooftop bars in nyc


This NYC spot in the Marriott Vacation Club Premise, perched on the 21st floor is one of the best rooftop bars in the city. It is both a summer and a winter favorite among revelers who want to enjoy the city’s nightlife to the fullest! View the Empire State building in its full glory as you sit at this terrace bar’s retractable glass roof.

The patio of this rooftop setting isn’t huge, but that’s the key element that makes the place so warm and welcoming. The intimate seating arrangement has pillows strewn atop benches and bar stools along the edge of the space. Surrounded with greenery such as palm trees and much more, you will be overwhelmed with a time well spent right in the heart of NYC with your close ones–perfect for the evening!

They serve a tasty fare of signature cocktails and wine in the backdrop of an upscale atmosphere. The DJ usually creates some cool lounge vibe for the guests. Dress formally for your night out when visiting this exclusive place.


  1. Roof at Park South

125E, 27W, NY

top 13 best rooftop bars in nyc


In a city where it is hard to find a place serving some out-of-the-world rich food fare and the heartiest cocktails, the Roof at Park South is a major revelation! There is some amazing talent used to build this one and you realize this just the moment you enter the place. Discover these missing elements right here with food and innovative drinks that standout!

Choose from a section of improved Martinis for the herbal kick and the German creation topped with ginger, lime juice, and mezcal! The one thing to look out for here is the bar food, which tops our list of the reasons why you would want to go here often. Get a stellar view of the enigmatic Chrysler building while you sip the crafted cocktails at the hotel bar.


  1. La Piscine – Hotel Americano

Chelsea district, Manhattan

top 13 best rooftop bars in nyc


Do you want to dig into the best of the Mexican flavors while adoring the greatest of the Manhattan views sitting alongside a rooftop pool? Head straight to the La Piscine rooftop bar, situated on the 9th floor of the Hotel American rooftop. The exclusive cocktail lounge gives you the stellar views of the Empire State Building over the Hudson River, both–with the Manhattan midtown district in the backdrop.

There is a very stylish and huge terrace with a lounge area and even a small pool as well. Visitors to this rooftop bar can soak in the ambiance any time of the day and night. Off the grill, you can dine in to meat/fish and enjoy a variety of tacos at the Hotel Americano rooftop bar. They also serve a good variant of specialty cocktails, mezcal, tequila, and Margaritas.

The hotel décor is quite minimalist and is the perfect bar to visit with friends on a summer night. Enjoy the atmosphere with a toast of tequila and poolside lounge cocktails. It is quite a popular place to hire for private events.


  1. The Delancey

Lower East, Manhattan

top 13 best rooftop bars in nyc


This 3-story rooftop lounge and bar is quite a place to visit. The summery rooftop setting is a sight to behold with vibrant red chairs and palm tree décor all around. The place leaves you tempted to spend more time with your close ones. Just pick a relaxing spot to sit and relish the food.

There is a gritty rock area in this three-floor hang and a cozy nightclub that offers great breathtaking views of the Williamsburg Bridge in the backdrop and the Lower East Side in the vicinity.

Sip the cocktail beneath the Victorian Chandeliers as the DJ spins some cool hip hops. The place is undoubtedly a comforting scene for patrons looking for a varied treat amidst the stunning views.


  1. Rooftop at McCarren Hotel & Pool

Brooklyn, NYC

top 13 best rooftop bars in nyc


The ever-hip and stylish party vibe, 64-room hotel and bar at the pool, Rooftop is a boutique-style restaurant located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The place is situated within a walking distance from subway stops. The interior is designed in Scandinavian style with a mid-century vibe.

The happy hour and panoramic views of the city’s skyline are two of the key attractions for visitors at this place. The Rooftop bar style is inspired after the 1970s fern bar. The place is open till late night and with the night scene, the crowd gets strong. There is a good number of revelers who can be seen enjoying beside the lounge pool and indulging in the blissful sunbed.


  1. Ophelia

Mitchell PI, NY

top 13 best rooftop bars in nyc


At the Ophelia Lounge, you will be amazed by the stunning views of the Empire State Building, Long Island City, East River, and Midtown’s eastern end. The lounge décor at the 26th floor of the Beekman Tower has soaring 30-foot high ceilings, a pewter bar 24-foot long, and 13-foot long windows with vintage lighting. The building’s red and maroon décor is also testimony to its historic past. Come to the onset of Spring, and the view from the terrace offers a breathtaking sight!

Classic cocktails are recreated here with the magic of the mixologist who also uses fine gold flakes for this! The popular Far East Side is a refreshing alcoholic mix, The Flapper is fruity, and the Di Saronno is a fruit-topped Champagne that has the real effervescence.


  1. Mr. Purple

Orchard Street, Lower East Side

top 13 best rooftop bars in nyc


Located at the rooftop of the luxurious Hotel Indigo is Mr. Purple. The terrace lounge bar with an impressive menu has a lot to offer the guests. From the fine interior to the views, Mr. Purple is a spot hard to find elsewhere in NYC. The rooftop section has two terraces – a smaller one for private events and a larger terrace with a calmer, lounge-like vibrancy is one of the best settings for revealers.

Classic cocktails with a twist, specially crafted in-house selection of beer and wine is available all day. The food menu offers American dishes such as the Mr. Purple burger, all-time favorite smashed Avocado Toast that you can order all day and a sumptuous brunch.

The view from the rooftop bar is magnificent as you can see the NY skyline. The great ambiance and nice music at the lounge set the ambiance for this place. It is recommended that guests come with reservations as this is a popular place for the crowd to gather in the evenings. The dress theme at Mr. Purple is smart casual, so you can just wear your casual best but remember, no flip flops!


  1. Gallow Green

Chelsea, NY

top 13 best rooftop bars in nyc


The terrace with loads of greenery and wooden furniture settings is a perfect, close-to-the-nature place where you could spend many fantastic evenings. The rooftop bar resembles an overgrown garden and is a popular place for revelers in the summer months.


Tip: Go brunching at the Gallow Green!


Brunch at the Gallow Green where they serve a bread basket, coffee/tea, and an entrée of your choice at $35 per person! This is very popular and hence we recommend you reserve a spot for it before turning up at this hour.


At the McKittrick Hotel, you will find theatrical performances in all the 5 floors as the audience walks along the space to watch the MacBeth reprise “Sleep no More”. And, finally, when you make to the top floor where Gallow Green is, you will be spell-bounded by the lively NY scene that you can witness from here. Overlooking the Hudson River in the vicinity, and the famous High Line Park, this one is a must-visit for any NYC nightlife aficionado!


  1. Westlight

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

top 13 best rooftop bars in nyc


Come to the Westlight, located on the 22nd floor of The William Vale that offers sweeping views of the East River, the Manhattan skyline, and the buildings in Brooklyn.

There are original and classic cocktails with a fare of global street foods that are highly recommended. At this terrace spot, you have to make reservations, otherwise, you will have to do a bit of waiting to be seated. Catch the incredible view of the Manhattan sunset in the evening. At night enjoy Brooklyn under the stars with a more vibrant younger crowd gathering at this time.

The NYC nightlife has a cutting-edge, famous cocktail culture and has been excelling at the art of mixology. This city has inspired many bartenders and spirit lovers to drool over these items at the legendary rooftop bars, a visit to which should be in your bucket list!


Here we have listed 13 of these ever-so-popular hangouts that are legendary by themselves and are some of the best places to visit for the NYC nightlife! Do you know some more places that we could add to this list? Do let us know.


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