11 Restaurants You Must Try While In NYC

Restaurants in New York City are aplenty. There’s no shortage of a great place to dine in with a fresh outlook. NYC’s restaurant critics have reviewed from the hundreds of restaurants some of the best places to eat, ranging from the high-profile to the neighborhood eateries. We have shortlisted the top 11 restaurants in the city that you should definitely try out!


  1. Manhatta

Liberty Street (William Street)

This new downtown Danny Meyer restaurant opened on the 60th floor is not an ordinary experience for the diner. The plush eating house has its entrance overlooking the busy Liberty Street. Take the elevator to the 60th floor and you’ll find the entire floor dedicated to the restaurant. The restaurant’s bar on the 40th floor will sweep you away with the best panoramic views of New Jersey. The décor consists of dark wood furnishings and an understated bronze accent to add to it. Choose from the mouthwatering delicacies from artichokes, crab salad, blackberries with walnut, chocolate mousse, sabayon, and more.


  1. Momofuku Ko

Extra Place, Manhattan

The lip-smacking cold fried chicken from chef Sean Gray of Momofuku Ko has already received 3-stars from the top critics of NYC’s food. The restaurant is almost mobbed for its signature dishes, which also has an a-la-carte bar. Block your calendar for a trip to Momofuku Ko that also serves diner’s favorites like pork pies, hot dog rolls, scallops with pineapple, Japanese cheesecake, and more. The only downside, Momofuku Ko doesn’t much cater to the non-meat-eating crowd.


  1. Peter Luger


Peter Luger defines an institution. The famous restaurant is mostly known for aging its meat in-house. The restaurant-goer should feast upon the best burger available here. Also, try the just off the heat, juicy, clarified butter spluttering steak fillet finished with cream spinach and potatoes. The perfectly aged meat at this restaurant is the base for many recipes much to the comfort of the American dining culture.


  1. Lilia

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The menu is as distinctive as the city’s obsession with Italian food and wine. Lilia serves some of the finest dishes from aperitive salati (cocktail snacks) to toasted garlic bread, and shaved mullet roe. The antipasti section comprises of more vegetarian starters to the “fish”. Lilia makes quite an impressive spread of deserts and their signature white truffle shaver is a favorite.


  1. The Grill

East 52nd street

The Grill is all about nostalgia at the heart of New York. The city’s four-star ode to the past, the landmark Grill sets the ideal tempo of Manhattan. There is an adjoining pool room to the Grill Room. Inside, you will find yourself in a space that’s an energetic and exhilarating chophouse. The Grill singles out as the plush dining room that is making a return to New York’s gastronomy focus after a decade of feasting in stripped-down houses. From the perennially favorite prime rib, New Yorkers have now started to seek other options for red meat delicacies and The Grill provides that in plenty.


  1. Gramercy Tavern

East 20th Street, Manhattan

The classic recipes of Gramercy Tavern taste significantly better than other rooms in the city. Manhattan’s Gramercy Tavern is the soul of New York’s culinary empire. The restaurant founded in 1994 and is perennially-packed since then, the two-decade-long is America’s luxury restaurant. The lure to this establishment is the cheaper bar menu that serves rich textured lamb meat and the formal dining room where much of the magic happens. However, the 20th street Manhattan restaurant has been serving vegetable dishes much long before the culture became cool.


  1. Daniel

65th Street

The flagship restaurant of chef Daniel Boulud started from a family café. The restaurant applies the classic French technique using local ingredients at this two-Michelin Star. There’s a laid-back adjoining bar and lounge where you can sample the pre-dinner drinks. In fact, the restaurant requires you to wear a jacket to experience its world-class hospitality. Choose from the four-course mouthwatering menu or the elaborate a-la-carte spread. The main dining room has its old-world European charm. Daniel has been picked up by Forbes as the best restaurant in America.


  1. Di Fara Pizza

Avenue J, Brooklyn

Many critics have stated Di Fara Pizza as the best pizza location in New York. The place is expensive for a pizza priced at $30. Also, the waiting time is notoriously long. But, what makes Di Fara Pizza the best NYC pizza is its incredibly delicious legendary recipes, which attracts many. The waiting time at this restaurant is the biggest part, which would build up your appetite.


  1. Sushi Nakazawa

23 Commerce Street (West Village)

Looking for an exclusive Sushi in New York without reservation? Nakazawa creates 21-pieces of Sushi at this restaurant with precision using a rainbow of temperatures and smoke to make such masterpieces. Order for three pieces in a-la-carte in which you will find Atlantic bluefin tuna. The lounge serves small rolled neat bites of Maki with scallop (fatty tuna slapped with chili). At the restaurant, you will hear the strumming of classical guitar in the background. Servers are in a suit at the restaurant, swiftly gliding behind the counter.


  1. MIFUNE New York

44th Street

Dishes crafted by chef Yuu Shimano is spread in an a-la-carte, which includes in-house creation brioche with uni and seaweed butter, bluefin tuna tempura, and uni topped sweet ice cream. The latest trend that’s being fast picked up by New York Sushi lovers is the shell scooped tuna scallop fresh off the carcass.


  1. Roberta’s

Moore Street

The epi-center of hip food that is at the top of the game is the sprawling and airy built-in plaza that serves one of the most delectable delights of the city, the New York pizza. The restaurant whip’s up wooden fire thin-crust Neapolitan pizzas are topped with fresh vegetables grown at the roof-top.


From lamb ribs to the gourmet desert, to Sushi – restaurants in the New York City have served many food lovers the ultimate recipes, blasting flavors with every bite! This city is known for its unmatched food extravaganza that caters to New Yorkers and travelers, time and again. What are your favorite restaurants in New York City that you want us to feature here? Please share your comments below.


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