10 Best Selling Hot Dog Places in New York City

In a loving city such as New York, even the cheapest hot dogs taste like the best gourmet dish that you have ever had in your life. The kids love the simple ketchup-squiggled wieners, but today we are going to be talking about the best hot dogs sold in NYC, featuring everyone from the best food trucks in the city to dive-bars and to some of the leading New York delis. Whether you’re on the LES or the boardwalk, we are aiming to present to you the best-selling hot dog places in New York City.

1.    Katz Delicatessen

This iconic eatery is situated at the Lower East Side deli counter, which has always been the no-frills sort, from the hulking piles of peppery pastrami. The hot dog over there is always an exception. The all-beef frankfurter is the best choice here as it is seasoned deeply with garlic, salt, and paprika that is underneath its lightly charred natural casing. The traditional topper of zesty golden mustard and tangy kraut will add some bright acidity inside a soft, humble split bun.

2.    Nathan’s Famous

Nathan’s Famous

Tube-steak zealots and tourists frequently trek to this Brooklyn landmark, which is known for its hot dog history. It was established in 1916, and the former stand does well even today. The bun is flimsy, but, in the end, it’s only a delivery mechanism for the mouth-watering wiener, which has a tight casing that gives way to a juicy interior.

3.    Feltman’s Kitchen

When it comes to brand name recognition Nathan’s Famous wins this round, but if you’re a pure history lover, you have to give it to Feltman’s. Charles Feltman was a German immigrant who invented the hot dog in Coney Island dating back to 1867, which was 50 years before its Surf Avenue rival. You can get the snappy tubers loaded with mustard and onions, sauerkraut, sausage gravy, chili and cheddar cheese, and even Vodka sauce and grated Parmesan.

4.    Crif Dogs

The stoner-friendly offerings at Crif Dogs include this perennial top-seller that features a bacon-wrapped dog, pickled jalapenos, and coleslaw. The crunch of the deep-fried bacon gives way to a soft interior, and the mild chili sauce soaks into the bun that gives every bite an additional hit of meaty flavor.

5.    The Cannibal

The Cannibal

The Brooklyn butchers certainly know their way around meat, and this is proven in their carne-heavy menu of house-made terrines, charcuterie, and hot dogs. The house tube steaks come as a pair and served ‘tiger style,’ where the all-beef franks are topped with spicy tripe chili, some scallions, and a lot of Chinese mustard on a squishy bun.

6.    The NoMad Bar

The NoMad Bar is the brain-child of Daniel Humm, Leo Robitschek, and Will Guidara. This elegant saloon is full of lofty pub grub, such as a bacon-wrapped hot dog festooned with black truffles.

7.    Ditch Plains

Ditch Plains brings together a pair of comfort food, mac and cheese, and hot dogs to create this tasty monstrosity. Every order comes with two Sabrett dogs that are tucked into potato rolls and covered with a generous helping of mac and cheese made with a gooey blend of American cheeses. The entire thing is served on top of a mound of fries as well.

8.    Mile End Dell

This Jewish deli is famous for making its mark on a New York classic with its from-scratch hot dog. It’s a griddled all-beef frank with the tangy sauerkraut made in-house, while the thick, poppy-seed-studded bun is thanks to Hot Bread Kitchen. Lunchers during the weekday can get the dog solo, and, at night, it comes with pickle relish.

9.    White Gold Butchers

The laser-like focus placed on quality ingredients is not a surprise when it comes to Bloomfield. However, the Michelin-starred chef takes it to the next level with White Gold Butchers, the meat market and an all-day restaurant. The star butchers break down whole animals and churn coils of sausage with a hot dog dressed with mayo and plucky kimchi.

10. Prontito


At this Columbian cocina, you can dig into one of the towing hot dogs that are smothered until they become invisible under crushed potato chips, fresh carrot-cabbage slaw, crispy bacon, mayonnaise, ketchup, pineapple sauce, costeno cheese, and salsa rosada. The crowning jewel is a skewered, hard-boiled quail egg.


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